Lingutilanguage learning online

C Jul 23, 2019

Had a terrible experience with this one. I had an issue with sound not working on the web site, tried all the basic troubleshooting, tried other computers, sound worked on all other web sites. Because of the nature of the site, sound is absolutely required to complete many lessons and you cannot progress without completing them.

I made requests on their site and messaged them on Facebook and never got a response after 4 weeks. When I commented on a public Facebook post that I was having issues and not being answered, they went so far as to block me there with no response to avoid helping me.

Even before this killing issues, the site was buggy as heck, constantly having to reload pages to avoid issues. I don't know if it was better before, but they upgraded or changed something and it just doesn't work now.

All I really want is to use the web site, but have been making requests all of July and not getting any answer at all from tech support, just today realizing that they'd gone so far as to block me on their Facebook to avoid providing support.

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