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Lifetime Training  -  Certification process negligence

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I have started to PT training course last Oct 15, and completed core 2, anatomy 2 and 3 and nutrition and delivery rep 3 at the fastest pace. I was assessed as a pass by the company in March 2016 and I had been waiting for the certificate to arrive. Meanwhile, I received a job offer on condition with the certificate rep 3. I have also completed extra module older generation and anti and postnatal adaptation and I was told passed. After 8 weeks, I enquired about the process of the certificate to the company, only to know they have not submitted my work to QC centre. The delay was predicted further 4-8 weeks and my job offer was revised at that time. I have complained to the company. After 6 weeks, my work was not certified by QC because some of the work was regarded as a textbook. I was not advised not to use the same wording as the text in the first place and my desk tutor was satisfied my work. Then I was allocated new tutor and I had to redo every work and the internal process gave me a pass after redoing. I had another job offer and requested to get certified in priority. It took further 8 weeks. I finally received the hard copy of a certificate on 1 August. I have not received further modules of Ante& Postnatal adaptation and the old generation certificate yet and I asked them to send the hard copy many times. They do not reply and it is now over six months due. The work has been submitted and passed six months ago and it is extremely lazy not to process the most important part after all they took a course fee. They neglect a duty of care not replying my emails and calls since September 16. No way that my certificates take over 6 months. This company caused so many emotional distress and financial loss so far and they still not try to solve the issue. I have also made a complaint about their health and safety and I would ask for compensation. They do not reply to my letter as well . I am considering to sue the company as soon as I have time to do if they keep on ignoring my letters.

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