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Lifetime Fitness appears to be the place where gay men congregate late at night due to the 24-hour schedule.

If you have noticed little slits cut in the shower curtains, this is happening at LTF clubs all over the U.S. from what I have heard. Apparently they are using these as "peep holes" so they can make eye contact with each other so they can then go do their thing in the steam rooms late at night. Frankly, this is absolutely disgusting behavior and apparently Lifetime Fitness is aware of this but doing nothing about it. Basically, they have become a "gay friendly" club, when they should be stopping this activity in a club that is supposed to be "family friendly". It doesn't matter if they are doing this mostly in the evenings, I and many other members are sick and tired of seeing this holes in the shower curtains EVERY DAMN WEEK. Some members who are pissed about this just shred the curtain so they have to put in a new one and this stupid process gets repeated week after week after week. Why don't these buffoons at Lifetime just put up those curtains that have a clear upper half. Then there would be none of this sneaky, stealth homo peak-a-boo going on in their clubs. If one of these queers gets caught staring at the wrong guy who cares if he takes a fist to the nose?


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Dec 06, 2021 6:29 pm

I am a professional, very clean, educated, Hispanic man. I live in NW Houston and would like to find a place where i could enjoy being naked and I don't care if someone is looking. I am married and so discreet! I am careful about exposure but would like to join, maybe. [email protected]

Nov 21, 2021 1:48 pm

must be a sad thing to be insecure with a tiny pee pee -frankly i dont care if some one sees me nude, after all its a mens locker room.. dont want exposure stay home - i remember the day guys worked out shirtless and pissed into a large tube with no dividers and shower rooms with no privacy what so ever - l agree with some of the comments its not the "gay" men that are the problem its the married closeted men that are not getting any at home and desperate for little action in the shower

Apr 13, 2021 9:56 pm
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still waiting to hear form corporate department - my email [email protected] This for discrimination- i have witnesses, emails . I do not want to hear about the manager This happened at lifetime cary, NC

Mar 01, 2020 11:34 pm

My comment today apparently didn't merit retaining under he comments section. So, why BOTHER?!

Mar 01, 2020 9:02 am

I have been on the receiving end of prolonged attempts at what may be called, lingering mutual eye contact at another LARGE gym routinely. My reaction has been multifaceted: initially, I decided just to forego a shower (even in cold weather)...but then figured, "Hey, this is my gym too--and I should be able to do as I please, within limits, in my birth gender's locker/shower/sauna area."

Then, I realized that it's actually the owner's gym, in which I'm allowed to exercise/shower/sauna, groom, socialize, take advantage of perks, pay more for some services, etc.--all under a very specific contract for a specified duration--in exchange for money. It's a business not a charity, church or park/forrest.

By the way, the shower curtains' features don't seem to matter. This LARGE gym's shower area consists of two parallel rows--each with about 10 shower stalls. The curtains have a translucent I/4 panel I assume is for viewing said area--so a body collision doesn't occur. They're for safety reasons, says management.

I've noticed the "viewers" are primarily married men (at at least are sporting a wedding ring on the left 4th finger), and a moderately persistent--as though they are desperate for "taboo" but usually technically great, quick, guy on guy sex.

This all happens during the narrow window of opportunity related to being away from home in the company of only men (away from corralling, punitive, controlling, omnipresent eyes). By the way, all men check out each others' equipment. Some are sneaky. Some are overt. Any guy who denies sneaking a peak is a liar.

Men's (and women's) locker areas are usually perceived as safe spaces, however. Safe for whom? Hopefully, the answer is "everyone' where the posting indicates one may enter therein. This safe space liberty is a privilege, like your driver's license allows for driving privileges of specified duration

Anyway, (back to the matter at hand: these ringed viewers then swing around--with a "semi, " without a towel, and almost always utilize the sauna (no matter how crowded), become "chatty, " sit too close and proceed to continuously rub their crotches, frequently play out their need to re-adjust their penises profusely (jock itch or some type of offering)? Also, they stay beyond the posted time limit/recommendations. Better chance of scoring? Desiring clinical dehydration?
A lizard-person requiring heat to regulate body temperature?

More with on-point ranting: If more subtle, they manually palpate their enwrapped towel (if they bother to wear one), or remove it, while looking at various targeted guys in a darker/sweaty/aromatic, more confined setting--especially if they were playing "mirror tag" with the party (seemingly of interest) in the weight/machine/exercise areas proper, previously.

One had better enjoy the experiential liberties, and camaraderie, involved in an all-men's or, women's) locker arena, before we're all dealing with co-ed locker/shower/sauna areas--like those I encountered in Europe and elsewhere.

Modesty goes a long way as a way to communicate that you are shy, protective of yourself--and, may feel that your body is a temple, one that is not open-for-business to the general public--or a targeted audience. Message usually "received" to most. We always have choices. Even if that choice is not to choose that/this time.

Mirror tag is obvious, and insults the I.Q. A mirror is a reflective device, not a cloaking device. Sometimes, "mirror on mirror on mirror" isn't related to an observer getting visual tips or queues for proper exercise technique. I find mirror tag and being followed around the gym with guys asking to "work-in" more annoying and disruptive than the typical shower thing.

Not naked in the gym = promotion for a "nice team approach, respecting other gym members/guests." Daycare, as applicable, is provided/available for children...'enough said there. Naked adults in the wet area entails many nuances, subtle--and even overt--laced with societal norms (although norms evolve and change). There is also an emphasis which should be placed on one's personal space. Personal space is variable; some may require 2-3 feet, and some require only a few inches to none (e.g., wrestling around, and the like).

For example, I found myself in the middle of a "moon landing" on a locker room bench--after undressed and preparing to go to the showers. I was apologetic and visibly embarrassed, but the other guy (a wise older gentlemen) said, "don't worry about it..I'm not some delicate touch-me-not flower...[things] happen...they just do, young'll realize that someday."

I have received "the look"(mentioned in others' commentaries) and I find that if one doesn't respond back with a lingering gaze, the initial "look" just goes away (i.e., the guy learns, makes a mental note of my ambivalence/non-interest, and doesn't
repeat the behavior). Psychological journals have long shown that: positive attention (returning gaze with a lingering look) and even negative attention (the intended gaze recipient simply looks away/completes the business of showering, does not return "the look, " or becomes socially disruptive: overreacts, exhibiting "innocent 'victim' behavior, boisterous vociferations, complaining loudly to the air, drawing attention to himself as a supposed victim of desire. My point here: No attention at all will discourage initial or repeated "looks." Note: even negative attention is better than no attention at all.

This loud, look at me b****ing, throwing an adult male fit (probably while still naked), sounds really like "Much ado about nothing, " or "Methinks [s/he] doth protesteth too much." Hmmmm. Interesting, and something about which one should think.

In summary, I feel that all gym members should just try a little harder to get along (given differing traits and life experiences). Group behavioral dynamics are complicated. Consider that 1). no man is an island, 2) a gym member is just that, a single revenue unit related to a service provider located in an institutional setting.

"Indianoplace, " as I call it--and surrounding areas- after having to move to IN for job re-location years ago from a sunny, moderately more socially-progressive place--does/do not entail any internet ads for a LQBTQ-exclusive, cost-effective gym(s) with same or close substitute(s). 3). Your gym, my gym--and others' marketing people have chosen to promote said gyms as "gay or LGBTQ-friendly." It's right there in their ads. Marketing usually attempts to glean more revenue units. Then, spins efforts into something scripted, like "we're meeting the needs of all communities, especially this which are underserved or are of a sensitive nature."

Moral of this lengthy, not proofread rant: one may "spin" comments to mean virtually anything relative to the underlying truth or voiced concern.

--A Concerned Observer of Group Behavior (and, "No, what I do in private, my sexual preferences, number of divorces, is none of your business) hee, hee).

Jan 01, 2018 7:31 am

I find it pretty unlikely that the "slits in the shower curtain" are being made by gay people. You realize how absurd that allegation sounds, right? It sounds like a school yard rumor. And of course, it doesn't make very much sense at all. Why wouldn't they just give each other "the look" in front of people? Also have you seen this happen? No? Has anybody honestly seen this happen? No? Well management can't really fix a problem that doesn't exist. They can fix the shower curtains though. Listen buddy, you clearly think that gay people are *bad*. To me it looks like you're trying to get them in trouble for something they didn't do because you don't like them. Well guess what? I don't like you. It's like me saying, hey everybody, I found the person who keeps cutting holes in the goddamn shower curtains, it's this homophobic idiot, he keeps trying to shoot blow darts at the gay people in the locker room from behind the shower curtain.

Dec 30, 2015 5:56 pm

Dont be such a prude... let people be. Focus on your own sex life. Everything in this fckd up country is family friendly. Late at night gay sex shoudnt affect your little family. Enough of this gay hate already!

Just today some huge buff dude that I never met before is LOUDLY complaining to me in the Lifetime gym locker room that some gay dude was giving him "the look" in the shower room. The reason he was venting was obvious: he chose not to kill the guy with his bare hands. My friend (different guy) complained to the management about the open showers and they said that when they have shower curtains, they see FOUR feet in the shower, not just two! Another friend saw a dude jerking off while looking at a seven-year-old the workout area!

Eventually, someone is gonna look at the wrong guy and something messed up is gonna happen. More than one straight person I have talked to has this opinion. The only solution is that there is a supervisor in the men's room at all times. YOU LISTENING MANAGEMENT? You spineless useless politically correct pieces of human waste!

Dec 11, 2010 5:05 am

Gay guys are not the problem. It's the married men who have to do all that that is the problem. Gay men can have sex at home or hotels or such. Married men are the ones looking for sex in bathrooms, at the gym, and in parks. Gay guys have multiple ways of getting it. So i say Report them. If they are breaking the law then they deserve what they get. I am a gay male and i find it very offensive when you walk in the bathroom and can't even take a pee in peace.

Sep 12, 2010 1:05 pm
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Have you reported this to your local police department. Gay activity in public places, private or not may be breaking the local laws. Have you contacted Lifetime Fitness Center home office?

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