Life Touch Photographycompany

S Sep 13, 2018

I needed to contact someone from Life Touch company to ask some questions regarding school pictures. Their contact number on the website was out of service. The other #'s provided, connect you to costumer service in the Philippines! The long distance connection & reception was bad & the customer service representatives could barely understand or hear me. I had to repeat the ID # & access code to the operator 9 times because she said she had trouble hearing me. There was a lot of background noise wherever she was located. So I never got my questions answered & contacting the company is a disaster!
I found this to be very unprofessional & not a proper way to contact the company.

  • Updated by SolarT · Sep 13, 2018

    LifeTouch Photography should have a local contact phone number that works & is operational. Or at least provide a phone number to the company headquarters. Connecting customers to customer service operators in a foreign country with a bad connection & that’s unprofessionally run is unacceptable & disappointing!

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