Life Cleanse & Cho Yung TeaInternet Fraud

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Like so many other people, I ordered 2 "free trial" products 2 different (LIFE CLEANSE and CHO YUNG TEA) ostensibly from 2 different companies.
Like others, I gave my credit card details, as instructed, for postage and packaging, in order for the "Free Trial" products.
I received 1 "free" CHO YUNG tea and 1"free" LIFE CLEANSE", in August.
A month or so later I noticed monies taken from my credit card statement (which is only sent once a month) for transactions by companies I did not recognise.
After a preliminary inquiry I discovered that the "Free Trial" companies had not only taken money for postage and packaging but had also taken, and are continuing to take, money for products I have NOT even received, let alone ordered, since the one, original "Free Trial" product!
As soon as I became aware of this I contacted my credit card company. I discovered that I have been charged for the LIFE CLEANSE product by 4 different companies!!!
Whomever the 'original'/registered company may be, these scammers are trading under the names of :


I also discovered, via the credit card company, that CHO YUNG (the "Free Trial" tea) are associated with the other 4 companies so, it would appear, there must be one overall group of people setting up various companies and I have been scammed by "one" consortium operating as 5 different companies -ALL of which are not only extorting monies from my account, but doing so without any difficulty.
London, as you may know, is currently experiencing a postal strike and has, for the past few months, been suffering from postal delays. In the midst of this I have to wait for "dispute forms" from my credit card company to arrive, complete and return them (more delays) whilst these companies continue to extract money from my account.
Whilst I then continue to wait for the credit card company to investigate my "dispute" more money is taken and I have to request the credit card company to send more "dispute forms" which will be inevitably either lost or delayed in the post!
Apparently, the credit card company takes the view that this is not a case of FRAUD (as I "gave" my details to this "company" albeit for postage and packaging for a "Free Trial" product) it is a case of DISPUTE. They can neither put a "hold" on my account, nor give me a different card with a different number as the procedure demands that I complete "dispute" forms, whilst my account stays live.
EVERYONE should be made aware, not only about this SCAM but about the credit card companies approach to dealing with it.
As soon as this dreadful nightmare began, I discovered that the scam first appeared on internet sites some months ago-Why have the scammers not been stopped!!!??????


  • Sh
    Sharion Jan 13, 2009

    Unauthorized charges to account; did not ship products and phone number thats out of service!

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  • Ly
    lynheathjack Dec 03, 2009

    I went for the trial and processed my order. Immediately after this, I enquired on-line as to whether i could cancel if it didn't work. It wasn't until then that I was informed that I would be able to return items, however, if I wished to continue with the trial, I would then be charged over £50 for another supply, and would continue being charged until I cancelled. I realised that this was not for me and asked the on-line helper if I could cancel. She was happy to cancel but could not give me my p&p refund. As the order was only placed a minute earlier, it would have been un-likely that there was any postage or handling costs at that moment. I threatened to contact trading standards and she forwarded my request to another department. They have not processed the payment so far, so may just cancel all-together - I can only hope! If they do take the payment, I will probably have to cancel my credit card to make sure they don't take future payments. Let this be a lesson learned for me!!!

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  • Ka
    kait Dec 08, 2009

    Hmm, is it just me or do Paulo Brent and Brian_Green have a VERY similar message??? Are you both Cho Yung Tea employees by any chance???

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  • De
    dej67 Dec 30, 2009

    i also ordered this product on the free 14 day trial basis after reading about it on the "mums" website, after reading this i contacted my credit card company straight away, cho yung have already made an application to take £57.11 from my card, the man at the credit card company was, shall we say, less than helpful making me feel like i was stupid for ordering on line in the first place. I said this is my card so i should be able to say who i pay with it... no chance!!,
    i have emailed the company, please can anyone tell me if they have had success with cancelling these transactions as im really worried

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  • Li
    lizzyfizzy Jan 02, 2010

    I have just had a panic attack after reading this forum. I have cancelled with both life cleanse and Cho-yung tonight via phone message and email. I have also cancelled my cards. I will be sending back the unopened packet of tea, but as yet, I have not received the tablets from Life Cleanse. Probably won't now anyway, and to be honest, I am willing to loose the £4 paid for postage and packaging for both products, as long as my account card is now inactive they cannot take any unautharized payments... they can keep the product and the £4!!

    Just want to say thank you to all the people on here who wrote about this scam and made more people aware. I'll be shifting my weight the old fashioned way!

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  • Jo
    jo hansen Jan 11, 2010

    i ordered cho yung tea and lifecleanse free trial i received 1bottle of life cleanse, and 2 packets of tea and i paid 3.49 for the postage for the tea .but i didnt hear any more so i rang the number on the life cleanse receipt to ask them when they were going to take their money for the postage, and i was told i had agreed to subscribe to this product monthly, so i cancelled i was told i would have to pay up to date. that was when i realisede that i must have done the same with the tea, so i also phoned them and was told the same . the next day on 15 1209 my statement arrived and i was stopped 56.50 i thought this was it for cho yung but on the 30 1209 statement which arrived today 11 1 2110 i saw cho yung have taken another 59.99 and life cleanse have taken 76.76 altogether i have paid 193.25 pence i am 62 years old and iwill have to go to my bank to stop any other i am now afraid after reading these other reports and what they have taken from me im very afraid where this will end .i dont think i will ever buy anything else from the internet.

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii jo hansen

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  • Na
    Nataliejade Jan 12, 2010

    I have had the same problem with both of the products advertised. I feel incredibly stupid for not realising that it was a scam in the first place. I have had various amounts of money taken out of my account, however, I was told by Cho Yung that if I cancel my card then they cannot refund me the £59.99 that they took from my account in error, as I did cancel it in time and send the unopened packages of the tea back to them. Has anyone else had similar messages and did anyone actually get their money back?

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  • Ch
    chiechie Jan 14, 2010

    I saw the acai berry advert on the net, filled in my application details and everything but when i came to the payment part i read the terms and conditions part and realised that they wanted me to pay £79.99 thats when i thought hell no so didnt fill in after all, i saw the cho yung tea thing, did the same thing but i made sure i read the terms and condition first and it said the same thing, they would debit 59.99 from my account, its only when I saw this blog i realised its all over. people whenever you buy things online make sure you read the terms and conditions, the only way they get away with it is that it DOES say in the terms and conditions how much money they will take out and they no people dont bother reading them. Please READ TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING! this is what it says

    Fourteen day trial – you just pay the cost of shipping (£3.49), and then £59.99 (normal price £79.99) per month after fourteen days, if your order is not cancelled.

    Regular Plan
    Three month's supply for £169.97 – that's a saving of £70 from the regular price of £239.97 - 180 tea bags (94p a drink!).

    Celebrity Plan
    Six month's supply for £319.94 – that's a saving of £160 from the regular price of £479.94 - 360 tea bags (89p a drink!).

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  • Ks
    Kstill Jan 20, 2010

    This has happend to me too and when I contacted them they completely refused to accept what they had done!!! I have tried to find a contact number for the company in Singapore who have been taking money from my account and there isn't one anywhere, if you have one for them can you post it on here please?

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  • Jo
    josiejo Jan 23, 2010

    I am so glad i did my homework before placing an order with any of these scam companies. Guess if it sounds to good to be true it probably is!! Thank you to all of you who will hopefully stop others like me being conned too.

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  • Ja
    jamiebg02 Jan 25, 2010

    I have also just found this is a scam. I paid last night and read up properly today. Realising it was a scam I contacted Credit card company and they say 3 amounts of 97 dollars, 5 dollars and 95p have already been taken. I have cancelled the card and started a dispute. Need to see if I am eligible for a refund. Unfortunately I have always scoffed at people who have been conned as I am usually very careful!!!

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  • Da
    DaphneDuMaurier Feb 14, 2010

    I am at university and as a joke the boys on my corridor thought that it would be funny to order me a cho-yung 14 day trial for 95p. All these forums must be working because i'm pretty sure the company must be red flagged by banks. My bank contacted me the same day and asked if i had been making payments for cho-yung and i was immediately confused and said no. They cancelled my card straight away and so no payment, apart from the 95p has gone to cho-yung. I have received the 2 bags of tea from cho-yung and now i don't know what to do. Do i try and contact them and send them back? if i do so will they demand payment from me? but if i dont send them back at all will they contact me and demand payment? I am worried that even though my card is cancelled i could be suspeptible to them getting at my money. Please could someone advise me on what to do?

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  • Ri
    ripley house Feb 19, 2010

    I have been conned by this company too. I only realised today when I received my credit card statement & found that there has a payment of £54.06 & £59 99 taken from my account. I have had a lenghty on line chat with on of their customer service operators & all she could say was I had filled in the on line request & received the tea. I traced the signed Post Office receipts & my signature was not on either. I have e-mailed them and requested a refund, but I won't hold my breath for a refund. I have cancelled my credit card as I am worried that they will try to do it again.

    I am annoyed at myself as I am always so carefull when ordering things on the internet.

    So, beware don't fall foul of this scam

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  • Sm
    s mills Feb 22, 2010

    i ordered free trial cho-yung tea and when i checked my acount they have taken £56.50 which i suppose to only pay delievery charge.

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  • Lo
    Louise52143 Feb 24, 2010

    Same here - I have aslo been conned out of £56.50 and £78.29. I've just called the customer service [protected]) and have been told that I will not receive a refund as I accepted the T&Cs. I still haven't recieved any further products but apperently the £78.29 is for the 'free trial' product not for any further products! I think my second batch of tea may have turned up yesterday but I would like to return them along with on bag from my free trial - does anyone know whether this will acceptable for a refund? I've had a quick look at the distance selling act and can't really see anything in there that sounds like it might help with this.
    I've also spoken to my bank who have recommended that I cancel the card I used for purchasing these products to ensure no further payment are removed from my account - I reccommend that people do the same!
    Its very unethical what these people are doing but I suppose there not very ethical people!

    Any help with the query is greatly appreciated.

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  • Co
    Corrie26 Mar 05, 2010

    Unfortunately myself and my mum ordered the products also, and just like the above, have been conned! although no money has been taken from my account, if i hadn't have cancelled my card due to my card not working properly i may have had the money taken, my mum however did have exactly the same amount of money as the people in the above comments taken from her bank, she is now fighting with her bank to have this money refunded as in part it is a scam and money has been fraudulently been taken, yes she gave the go ahead for the payment for p&p to be taken but she did not authorise any payment for the product as such, within 2 weeks of receiving the product the company started taking payments for the tea ( i must say this is the most expensive tea being bought she will stick to PG tips from now on!!!) but joking aside we have both now cancelled our cards, myself more so for a security level, we are extremely shamefaced, as, as you can imagine no one likes to admit they have been conned but we feel that others should at least get a fair warning before they choose to open themselves up for these vultures to take hard earned cash from them... the tea didn't even work so the only lighter we are is in monetry terms not weight. Please if there is any further guidance on how my mum can get her cash back let us know as i'm sure there are quite a few people wanting to know this also... I got in contact with Cho Yung today and advised them that i would be taking this to the Watchdog program as you can imagine the staff i spoke to weren't very helpful and were not in the least bit bothered that all those people who have had money taken from them are actually paying their wages so don't give them the opportunity to take from you the price of a phone call aswell, the only thing my mum can do now is put it down to a bad experience, we will certainly be more carefull next time.

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  • Mi
    Mingyyy Mar 20, 2010

    I have just ordered a free trail and then seen these comments and nearly was in tears
    I am a student with no job, i cant afford £60 a month !!
    i emailed the website asking for a cancelation.
    i then went on the live chat on the website, where you can speak to the company
    i asked for a cancelation, the person who i was speakin to was a great help and sent me in the right direction to cancel my account
    all i had to do was log in to the website, and go on my account. Then next to your order theres a red X. I just clicked on that, answered a few quiestions and then my cancelation was complete.
    I will loose my postage and packing, but hey as long as im not getting charged £60 a month then im happy. Let this be a lesson to me from now on !!

    I am always going to read terms and conditions in future.
    Hope this message helps anyone else in the same situation and wanting to cancel their accounts


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  • Ju
    jules016 Mar 20, 2010

    just joined the club! had bank statement through this morning, £56.50 taken out. feel so cross with myself for falling for a scam. went straight out to hole in the wall to withdraw little money left and will talk to bank on monday.

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  • Uy
    uyuz Mar 24, 2010

    Hi everyone, im from south australia just lettin' you know i've been conned by the acai berry gang! i just went straight to the bank and they did an investigation and even had the sheriff from u.s.a contact me! i think the best bet is to go straight to the bank & Its always best to google & research these fad diets and health offers as soon as you find yourself interested in it. sites like these scream out its phonyness just from the pictures, fonts, supposed sources that back them up. The cho-young asian chick on the bottom of the screen trying to be authentic OMG! the links they direct through to newspaper articles point that green tea is beneficial for health, especially cancer not their cho-tea.
    *** Why the hell do we need their tea anyway? Green Tea can be bought from any shop in the world - and besides the tea they provide can do a lot of damage to your body. Running to the toilet every 10 minutes isnt a healthy way to loose & keep the weight off - you'll probably be left with a looooot of excess skin which they probably tape back in those photos.

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  • Aj
    Ajmal ahmdi Mar 24, 2010

    Thank you all very much... God bless you all for saving my money...

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  • Am
    Amarise Mar 25, 2010

    At least the Acai Berries have some scientific proof to be healthy~

    Personally, its your own fault for clicking those ads. Your OWN fault for reading through their ###. Your own fault for actually believing said ###.

    If you don't want to lose money, don't click those adverts. Its easy. Just don't click.

    Pretty much all adverts are scams, unless they come from google adsense.

    So yes, this is me calling you an idiot.

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  • Uy
    uyuz Mar 26, 2010


    Yes, people are gullible especially when con artists HAVE LOTS OF MONEY & TIME to stage a charade to sell naive and unsuspecting people, dodgy products to get


    Most of the facts they disclose about their product are scientifically proven as correct or beneficial for health, so the con artists find a real

    product for example: Acai Berry. They make up the product with probably around .005% of the actual ingredient; add foreign ingredients to make it sound

    pharmaceutical; Pay people to make good commentry & relate their own experience with the product; & then OFFER FREE TRIALS.

    A lot of people are mislead by what's on the internet in general, because there are many beneficial sites which actually help us, so 'we hopefuls' assume that bad &

    fraudulent sites would obviously be monitored by someone/something.

    So...there's no point in kicking people while they are down, blaming them and calling people idiots as this won't help to educate people about the dangers of

    online fraud.

    Humans aren't all the same. If something comes easy to you, very pleased to know that - its not safe to assume that all people are like you.

    & By the way; Green Tea has been scientifically proven to be beneficial for health before the word 'acai' hit the dictionary!

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  • So
    soph6116 Mar 27, 2010

    Thanks! I read about the scam just in time, I was just about to order the tea and was searching for a promotion code in my google search engine and the first thing that came up was cho yung tea scam! I quickly closed the website, thank god I hadn't entered my card details!

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  • Ly
    Lynne72 Mar 29, 2010

    I also have just been about to order this product I filled in all my details and was just about to input my credit card details, thankfully I searched the company just in time. I am so sorry for you all and very gratefull for your advice you are putting out to others. Something needs doing to companies like this they should'nt be allowed to carry on.

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  • La
    laura86 Mar 31, 2010

    i have just ordered this product and them found cho yung tea scam on google. so gutted, i have just phoned my bank and cancelled my card, and also been on the website and cancelled my order as described. just wondering if anyone has had money taken from their account once they have cancelled their card as the bank said about a recurring charge?!

    thanks to every1 for posting ur warnings xxx

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  • Ca
    carla rotheram Apr 03, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    hi guys,

    I've recently been scammed by the CHO YUNG weight loss tea bags. It seems my story is similar to many others, you pay for the postage only, then they take out money that isn't theirs. you cannot ring them or email them to cancel the SO CALLED FREE TRIAL, because it is a FAKE EMAIL and FAKE PHONE NUMBER. I have to borrow money from family members to pay back the reccuring charges.

    they have actually charged me 3 times this month for unwanted packages ! And sent me 3 months supply in one month ! What a joke !!!

    I realise that many have lost certain monies, its terrible isn't it ? What i'd like to ask you all is, DID ANYONE GET THEIR MONEY BACK ? FOR EXAMPLE with help FROM CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU OR TRADING STANDARDS ? Is this useful ? Or is there no way to get the money back ?


    please reply - [email protected]

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  • Ks
    kshiv Apr 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi Carla,

    I'm in pretty much same shoe myself. I was shocked to see £56 had been taken twice. Once on March25th and one on 1st of april.

    Whn I questioned them they said first withdrawal was done for first 2 trial packages which I had bought and failed to return within 14 days. and the next £56 is for month of April.

    I received all togther 2 packages again after 25th of March which I posted back today. Once this package is delivered, I'm yet to see if they reimburse my money back.

    Can we take any legal action against this at all?


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  • Ks
    kshiv Apr 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    this to customer care who's written

    Not a scam?
    you guys are taking £56 from our accounts without actually taking our consent directly. How mnay people read terms and conditions which is absolutely grey in colour.

    and best aprt is, while giving out the cho yung tea with just postage fees, NO WHERE it's mentioned that it's valid for just 14 days.

    has the terms and conditions been approved by Europe Law? if not you guys are in big trouble

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  • My
    Myz Apr 07, 2010

    People i just found another person scammed but also the damage it did to her before she realised it was all a scam:

    "Now I don't begrudge these people who have, like me, been ripped off, selling this tea to try and get their money back but what I do object to and wanted to warn others about is what Ive since discovered about the tea.

    It contains powerful laxatives which give you dirrohea and mess with your stomach and bowels, yes you will loose weight at first but this is due to it literally dehydrating your body of neccessary water!!I have this on the advise of my GP .It claims to reduce bloating but after a month of being on it you WILL bloat, you very well may, like me, get incredible stomach pain (worse than contractions in child birth), you may feel sick and tierd all the time, your breath may begin to smell foul and your tounge may grow a coating as the stomach lining is actually broken down by this foul stuff.All of this happened to me when I drank the stuff, it also has stuff in it to get you addicted to drinking it .None of these things are mentioned on the packet or on the website or in sellers listings .

    I lost quite a bit of weight but then it stopped and I started getting ill, blood in the motions, incredible pain in the abdomen etc etc .People, it simply isn't worth it .please please please if you are thinking of getting this stuff ask your Gp about the stuff in its ingredients and becareful."

    This is DISCUSTING, not only are they robbing money but playing with people`s health, im making a page on facebook to educate people about this International Scam.

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  • Ge
    georgedommel Apr 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    to kshiv and Myz

    Please mail your queries to [email protected] Your issues will be resolved at the earliest possible.

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  • De
    Devinia Apr 12, 2010

    yes i fell for the same scam...i had 2 large seperate monies taken from my bank account after i rang the company and told them i wanted to cancel the account...had to cancel my card in the end. i lost 7 pounds in the first week and a few da following week with the tea but had to stop as it had me in the worst pain at da same time every night on da toilet!!! DO NOT DRINK THIS TEA PPL...this was last summer and they r still promoting the crap!!!

    Dee from Hertfordshire uk

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  • Ge
    georgedommel Apr 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    To Dee from Hertfordshire uk

    Please mail your queries to [email protected] Your issues will be resolved at the earliest possible.

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  • Ks
    kshiv Apr 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've mailed about 1000 times to customercare asking if "terms and conditions has been approved by European law. This needs to be done as you're collecting our personal data." if not, you guys are in big trouble

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  • Bi
    bigmatt Apr 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My wife oredered some of this stuff, and experienced the nasty side effects that many people have reported. She contacted Cho Yung, asked to cancel and got an email to the effct that yes, they would cancel and no, she wouldn't be charged again. Guess what? £56.50 later, she contacted them and pointed out that they'd "accidentally" charged her for stuff she hadn't recieved. Again, she got an email stating that the amount would be refunded and no way would they ever take any money off her again. In the mean time, she contacted Alliance & Leicester, and initially got no joy off them, being told "you gave them your payment details"!!! Well so what? I give Sainsbury's my payment details everytime I get the weekly shopping, but they don't charge me multiple times for no reason. Anyway, a further call to the bank located someone in customer services who was willing to help, and she is now going through the disputed payment process.
    Time will tell whether or not she gets her money back, but it does pay to persevere with your bank, if you are getting fobbed of by them. Make a pest of yourself and don't take no for an answer.
    Incidentally, when I looked up "Cho Yung scam" on Google, I found a blog site with a Cho Yung blog twittering on about how wonderful their stuff is and that it's not a scam, no way would we ever do that, thousands of satisfied customers blah blah blah. You might be interested to know that to leave a comment on this blog, you can enter a false email address and name on the submit page and it seems to accept it as OK, so feel free to leave as many warnings as you can on their blog!

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  • Ch
    chocolate fingers Apr 14, 2010

    I can't believe so many people have been scammed by this company. I too ahve orderd the tea and tablets it is the same company. When I comfronted the person on the phone he didn't like it.

    I ahve untill tomorrow to return my extra bag of tea but seeing that it is a scam i'm thinking of kepping it, can they take any action against me? I cancelled my bank card today. I'm struggling as what to do. I ordered my products on the 30.03.2010 the tea came on the 09.04.2010, the tablets only yesterday. But they have given me only 3 days to return them. Thats how they catch us out they dispatch them so late. I have contacted them by phone, e-mail & live chat about unsubscribing. Should I keep the products as a gesture of good will from themselves? Help... I only have tomorrow to return them.

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  • An
    andree_dulce Apr 14, 2010

    OMG cant belive what i just read i was just about to place an order myself but thanx all of you nice ppl i wont be making that eror. thank you very much.xxxx

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  • Ca
    cashmoney666 Apr 17, 2010

    At first when I saw these ads i found it laughable that anyone would fall for them. and then I realized I was born on the Internet practically so am very used to this kind of pitch. heres some hints: (all these apply to just giving your credit card details too)

    1. Do not order from a company you aren't able to see in person.
    2. Do not order anything online without opera/Firefox, a friendly bank, and advanced antivirus, firewall malware. (these are all different programs, look it up).
    3. Order from an intermediary reputable company (ebay/amazon etc.) and never from an unknown site.
    4. Never EVER order from a page clicked on from an ad. ever. even if it links to the Disney site or something as these can easily be completely faked and made to look genuine.
    this goes for everything too - pictures can be faked, videos, others comments. in fact, its very easy! and they WILL look professional too

    and yes yes green tea and laxatives you will find at any general store, but really don't do it. If you want to loose weight (and you may not want to admit some but)
    - have a GOOD diet! which means eat! dont starve yourself or eat vitamin tablets have it in food. balance is key!
    - exercise (the one everone hates maybe?) just walking wont do. really the best way is to gain muscle and this will sap fat throughout the day. also if you have balenced carbs in your diet it will feel GOOD.
    - sleep. get the right amount
    - strees. loose it.

    and finally, stop looking at this screen and get out there and do something! play sport in your spare time, go dancing! anything that doesnt involve sitting still thinking about food.

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  • Mo
    montydoggy Apr 18, 2010

    Oh my god i just ordered cho yung tea and pro cleanse gold for free trials and then found this site. I rang my bank and cancelled my card but they told me when they issue a new card only the last 4 digits change and sometimes the scammers know this and try different card numbers but this can be disputed. I also rang the call centre for cho yung to cancel my order and when i told her why she didnt even comment. I then rang a different number for the different company of pro cleanse gold and it was the same woman who answered!!! I cannot beleive i fell for a scam after i am usually so on the ball. i have lost my 2 lots of postage but a drop in the ocean compared to what i would have lost. i think that consumers should be protected from companies like this.

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  • Go
    googlybear000 Apr 19, 2010

    I got scammed once...its not nice... customer services are as useful as a chocolate fireguard You company scammers are so far up your own ### and should be ashamed of yourselves, I am 76 and new to the internet and would like to raise a wrinkley middle finger in your honour... To all people in the same boat I am very sorry you got scammed also and wish you al the best luck in getting these evil sods off the internet... didnt even offer pensioners discount NICE!!! so in the words of my granddaughter TTFN ( think is a form of goodbye) she says it at the end of every email she sends... Take care everyone

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  • Lo
    lola46 Apr 20, 2010

    i was able to get my money back when i was scammed (with a different product) from the bank they used a chargeback, i think all credit cards and some debit cards have chargeback for fraudulent use, my advice is if you haven't already ask your bank to use charge back, good luck to everyone with getting their money back

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