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J Aug 01, 2019

On July 7th I returned from vacation to find my refrigerator hot inside and all my food spoiled. I had to throw away 4 large garbage bags of food. I called DTE service company and they came out the following Thursday July 11th. They said they could not fix it. I contacted LG service repair to come look at it. They came out on July 16th. The gentleman from Goodman Network, Inc. said that it needed a new compressor. The compressor was running but was not working and the refrigerator was very hot inside even though the display said the it was the normal cold temperatures for both the refrigerator and freezer. He said he could get the part and contact me on Monday July 22nd. I have attempted to contact them many times. His company goes to vocemail after one ring. I contacted LG via email even I ask them to contact me in my email with my cell number. I contacted LG today and spoke to Mark. He kept me on the phone while he attempted to contact Goodman Networks. He could not get thru either. He said he needed to speak to his manager. He said he would call me back at in 30 minutes. I waited two hours before I contacted LG again. I asked for Mark. I could not get him. The person on the phone did the same thing with Goodman Networks. I told her that Goodman Networks is not allowed in my house. They have horrible customer service. I agreed to cancel my pending appt with Goodman and set up another appt with a different company. I did keep asking to speak to a manager but she would never get one for me. I ended up getting an appt for August 7th. This is absolutely ridiculous. I expected her to get me an appt this weekend considering the poor customer service I am getting. I want a manager to call me back tomorrow Friday August 2nd.
Janet Duggan

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