Lexar US32 gb flash drive

Richard A Coomber
January 17 ·

I bought two of these memory sticks on sale. They worked very well. I went and bought a third one at the regular price. One of the originals went bad. Luckily it was within Bestbuys 30 day exchange period. They replaced it. A couple of months after my purchases another one went bad. I contacted Lexar US and they referred me to a Canadian address and gave me an RMA number. I mailed the defective stick to their address in October. I waited and I waited. Finally contacted Us Lexar again and the said they didn't have the stick. I had sent it First Class mail in a DVD mailer. Clearly printed and posted as they requested. Now they will not replace the stick I mailed because I can't prove I sent it out. Beware of this product and the Lexar non replacement fact. 50% failure rate on this product.

I have been waiting about 4 months for a simple $8.99 US refund that they promised. I have saved all emails from them for proof. Product is bad and the company is worse. I will not buy Lexar products ever again.

Lexar US

Apr 19, 2019

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