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Lex Marketingjob offer scam

Their endless number of entry-level "executive account manager" positions should tip you off right away. These guys post fake job positions all over the web. It's like casting several lines with the right bait. There were about 7 alone on this one site I went to.

I've experienced the same thing many other bloggers have posted. They spend about five minutes interviewing you with the usual routine corporate-style inquerry putting you "on the spot". These guys have definitely done their homework. After the interview, right away you're congradulated on being "selected" and are urged to come in for a second interview spending the whole day shadowing someone to learn the biz.

In actuality, it's just a multi-level-marketing scheme where you try to recruit others to market their junk. They make it sound so enticing to the eager green college grad with an impressive title like "excutive account manager". It's laughable. These guys have also operated under the name of "Essential Communication Solutions". Sounds very vague yet it sounds very impressive doesn't it. As you spend more time pounding the pavement, you'll become more in tune with all those sloppy red flags. Just be alert and practice strict detective work on all of them. You'll be more savvy in the long run.


  • Ka
    kay1984 May 08, 2011

    hmm, It's kinda in the eyes of the beholder but...

    I worked there for, hmmm, 6 months before.

    Here are the TRUTHS:

    I guess it would fall under what people call a Pyramid scheme... BUT the thing with that is, all a Pyramid scheme means is that you make money when you do all your own work, and your work under someone else. You can very well make money alone if you like and you do not HAVE to have anyone under you, HOWEVER If you do that, you are missing out on making even more. If someone works under you and they are doing the same thing, then your weekly profits go up as well.

    This is true for any commission based job though. Also, they are technically official, big corporations higher these companies to do the door to door sales or offer services and discounts to try and contact customers that they cannot contact via phone, email, or mail.

    The problem: There is obviously ALOT of walking involved here... it's door to door. So, if you are being told that there will be no door to door sales, then they are wrong for that. But aside from this, it is an actual sales job but it is commission based. Marketing in general is NOT for those that do not have a passion for it, I KNOW! If you do not know how to talk to people WELL, and if you do not know how to sell to people... then you probably are wasting your time and theirs. But from long-term experience, all the opportunities they offer are really available but it is really hard work if you are not a natural sales person.

    The thing about marketing is, when humans start to realize that a few twisted words can gain the MORE money, they often do so and start tricking customers, ALL marketing companies has people that are tempted to do so and eventually do, but not all people at this company lie, I went out with one of the owners to do sales and no kidding, that woman could sell legwarmers to a man with no legs! some people are just natural like that... and she didn't have to tell one lie, but that is what sales are... Microsoft does it, Trump does it, and the government does it, just on higher levels and to people that can afford that level of money.

    SO, If you do not mind the leg work, talking to strangers, and being turned away by customers who are mad about those who decided to scheme them out desperate for more money... then knock yourself out and try them, who knows, you may be able to help many customers that were screwed over by previous sales people get back on the right track.

    And fyi, there are 3 companies, 2 do sales of products that people actually DO use and need for their businesses, and one solely offers discounts on internet, phone and cable, or new services of the 3 to the business.

    While I was there I went around and helped out alot of customers, on a good day, I was pushing 300 to 600 dollars but some days I went flat or wasn't really inspired but the opportunity is there to make money... how do you think these people pay their bills?

    Just a thought, hope I helped explain it better, I am a computer tech by the way so I am a bit more of an office sit down type myself.

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  • Re
    Read this May 22, 2010

    Legal Information

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    For more information on laws limiting the liability of companies like from written remarks posted on its site by third parties, please visit these Web sites:

    Legal Information Institute

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  • Ke
    kem20 May 19, 2010

    I totally agree with all the complaints above!

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  • Ma
    Mark ypages May 14, 2010

    Larry you could not close!!! I guess you were quiet there. Try coming over here and selling yellow pages. You would'nt last a hour.

    Welcome to the world of sales. It has been around for ever..way before your time.

    The only people who complain about sales are the people that suck at it.

    Watch this:

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  • La
    larry9 May 11, 2010

    TOTAL SCAM, im sure that the comments posted above are that of Marlon or who ever does their pr/hr. If you enjoy lying and cheating people then this is the job for you. Here is what the job consists of: you come in in the morning and have a "team meeting" which is nothing more than an attempt to get people pumped up because they know that for the next 8 hrs they will be going door to door arguing with people to try to sell products. If you are new when you ask questions about stuff very vague answers are given, also the only people who were allowed to ever talk were pople making sales and when the announce the sales for the day they are always high in order to try to keep the new people from quitting. All you do in this job is make false promises about the lowering somebody's when you are just bait and switching.

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  • Cs
    CSM43 Apr 19, 2010

    Sour grapes from disgruntled or non qualified idiots that wasted someones money on a business degree and failed on their own elsewhere!

    I 've been a happy employee of Lex Marketing for over six weeks now.
    I'm over 40 with long careeres in the military and industries, Lex is my first true sales job.

    We don't scam customers, we don'tlie to them, and we don't mislead them about the services offered by our clients. I've marketed/sold to my church, my civic organization, my team sports associates, my doctor, and dozens of companies that benefited from the client services Lex offers. In fact, our basic sales pitch is universal over more than a dozen client spectrums. It's writen, practiced, recorded, and delivered for success.

    The LEX HR and management team are easily the friendliest and easiest people to work for on the planet.

    The training program is nearly no brainer and invaluable. It makes the products almost self sell- able. Customer satisfaction is through the roof!

    The team atmosphere is both inspirational, motivational, educational, and just plain fun.

    1. its direct marketing for clientele (currently for a fortune 500 company, top ranked by biz rate for its products and customer service) [Used locally by the NF Book Depository, Piolet Pen Inc, and hundreds of churches, medical offices, and other businesses that maintain retention (re buy rates) of over 33%-45% just in the last 60 days. The customers love the client and the service!

    The only limitation are your own:

    personal drive
    ability to close sales

    2. there is no pyramid scheme.
    Lex trains in house, promotes by production only (no dead beat senority) from within it's team structure, and stimulates the economy by opening new markets with seasoned professional leaders from across diverse career fields.

    The teams support each and every members success.

    Lex Marketing is a family of existing and blossoming entrepreneurs that are both competitive, professional, and supportive of their next great member.

    3. base sales are by commission, DUH it's direct marketing! However meeting CLIENT set production goals activates bonuses and incentives that more often then not exceed commission. You could literally sell 8 items at $45 dollars each, for $100.80 in commission in a 5 day week for base pay, but earn an additional $160 + $100=$260 more in bonuses just by meeting the clients production quota and establishing online accounts for all 8 sales! $360.80 for doing the bare minimum 40hrs.
    That's $9 an hour for a cronic UNDERACHIEVER! Additionally, that bare minimum can increase based on your customer RETENTION, another bonus!

    Regarding Marlon B, he is a go getter but also a very dedicated coach and employee developer. More of a friend and mentor than a boss. But, there you have it, LMG isn't a job it's a career choice!

    My name is Chris. I'm brutally honest, I'm a Christian. I'm a veteran. I'm a parent and grand parent. I'm proud to be or have been associated with Lex Marketing Group and every active member of the company.

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  • Jk
    jkvl1 Apr 17, 2010

    I work at Lex Marketing Group and I don't see any SCAM at all. I don't know who would write these blogs. Well if you type in Walmart, Walgreen or any big company you will always have bloggers.

    I get paid weekly and make good money. I work on a fun enviornment and I like going on business trips. The trainers are awesome and I look forward to a prosperous future with this company.

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  • An
    anax Apr 15, 2010

    I worked at Lex Marketing and every thing was good. I learned a lot about sales and marketing. The people that are writing this must not have a job to sit around a blog all day. I sell insurance door to door now in another state and what I learned there helped me a lot. I am sorry I had to move.

    The economy is bad now and its people like you that make it the way it is. There are people that make a living on commission, as a matter of fact every business owner works on commission. So while you are laid off at home blogging I am out selling.

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  • Tr
    Truth as it is Mar 11, 2010

    I totally agree with the above complaints Lex Marketing Group, the owner Marlon Brown and his idiot receptionist Carly or "HR department", who is obviously making these replies, are a bunch of liars and cheaters. Marlon is the biggest one, of course its not to your face he will cheat you out of your money in a heart beat and smile in the same breath. Its definitely dressed up door to door sales. Its commissioned based and the only position that isnt from entry-level to management is Carly's, she is snobby and two faced. Whoever posted this picture up here, I can guarantee that more than half of those people dont even work there anymore. They talk about professionalism and no inter-office dating but dont all the people work there date each other? Even Carly has a kid with one of the guys who works there and he is like a manager or something. Gimme a break, spare me your response cause its all crap. I dont know about Essential Communications but that lady at least seemed to be professional, and the people who worked in her company were more helpful to me than the guys in Lex. The Lex guys always has something to say about them but to me its seems like something needs to be said about LEX marketing and the fraudulent people they are. Thats what they did to me and they told me I was good at sales but every check I was expecting $600 or more and never ever got what I was told I was gonna get. They will screw you out of your paycheck just the way they screw customers to increase their bill when they think they are lowering them. I heard that they sell office supplies now. SO if someone comes in your office selling paper and stuff run and scream !

    As for their many locations, ha a joke one office in Louisville, KY and they do the same thing and the owner of that Jason seems that he is just a better slick talker but just as fraudulent.

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  • Le
    Lex Marketing Dec 07, 2009

    This is to clear up the allegations made about Lex Marketing Group.

    In regards to our interview process. We do have a 3 step interview process. It is something that our client requires. The preliminary interview is a chance for us to go over your resume with you. If we feel you have the qualities that we are looking for in a candidate, you will be invited back for a 2nd round interview. The 2nd round interview is where you will get any and all questions answered as you will be evaulated by one of our executives. This is the most effective way to interview so there is no gray area. It is what it is. After shadowing one of our executives, you will have the opportunity to sit down with the president of the company to go over anything that you would like covered or have questions on.

    Please feel free to view our website at or call our HR department with any questions. This company is a very professional firm who's main focus is to represent our client with integrity and increase their profit margin by retaining their customers and aquireing new accounts.


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  • My
    mynameismyname Nov 14, 2009

    I'm going to go for a JOB offer (interview) with Lex Marketing Group here in JACKSONVILLE, FL. After Sunday(tommorow) will be Monday. I have an interview on Monday and if accepted i'll let everyone know how much i get on commission and whatnot to see if this is in actuality a SCAM. Ta. Ta.

    (Prefer not to name Myself)

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  • Co
    College Grad123 Oct 15, 2009

    Lex Marketing is dishonest. Before my second interview, I asked the receptionist if Lex Marketing does door to door sales. She laughed and said, "No, not at all!" The next day I went for my second interview, which consisted of me following a sales assocaite around town. He went DOOR to DOOR and tried to sell Quill products to churches and pre-schools by being extremely pushy and relentless. I thought that someone was going to attack him because of the looks we were getting. This company is taking advantage of desperate and naive college grads. STAY FAR AWAY FROM LEX MARKETING.

    They only offer $300 for a week of training. This probably isn't availabe until you stick with the company for a period of time.

    No benefits.
    No gas allowence.
    100 percent commision.
    100 percent SCAM!

    I would love to hear a response from the Lex Marketing PR Department :)

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  • Md
    MDeV Jul 01, 2009

    Oh and as for Essential Communications, they are located next to Lex Marketing, doing the same exact thing!

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  • Md
    MDeV Jul 01, 2009

    I have to agree with the above complaint for Lex Marketing. The are a multi-level marketing (pyramid scheme) group who hire 99 precent of the people they interview to sell AT&T products door to door. I, too, interviewed for this company after graduating from college. The interview process was a joke because they are so vague about what they do and then they invite you back for a second interview. The second interview consists of touring you around the place where you have to knock on doors from one business to another selling AT&T products basically trying to rip people off into buying stuff they dont need. But what gets me is, they try to sound professional and dress in suits to get people to buy their products and they don't even work directly for AT&T.

    It's commissioned based. The only way to make money is to hire people under you and train them to rip people off. It is not a rewarding experience, unless you like cheating customers out of their money and training people to cheat customers. Shame on this company for treating taking advantage of hard-working citizens in time of this recession. I wish whoever founded this business would invest on ethics and morals.

    And as for the HR Department of Lex Marketing. There is none. It's some snobby stuck-up chick who has no brain whatsoever and sits on a computer making sure that the scam is growing because she's too stupid to get a real job and invest on a career. It's really sad.

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  • Le
    Lex Marketing Apr 23, 2009

    Lex Marketing is an independently owned and operated company with a secondary branch in Louisville, Kentucky. Lex marketing is not affiliated with Essential Communication or any other marketing company suggested by this complaint.

    We are a professional marketing firm that specializes in customer retention, sales and Marketing. We value our clients and have a very detailed interview system where we streamline candidates.

    Reasons for not being accepted with the company are as follows:

    Lack of professionalism
    Lack of people skills
    Integrity issues with previous employer
    Previous work ethic discrepancies
    Not a match with company's protocol
    Lack of experience

    These are general reasons why many companies don't accept candidates. I am very sorry that there was not a match that resulted in this complaint. We wish you all the best in your career search.

    Thank you,

    HR Department
    Lex Marketing

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