Lewisville VWjetta, the bad way they conduct their deal. was lured by smart talk


Got a very negative experience buying a 2013 Jetta on September 23rd.
Low customer ethics. New management will do what's right for Lewisville VW and not what is right for you as customer.
If you against all odds go anyway as they have something you want... carefully watch out for any add-on as so-called "protection package" which looks like a warranty deal, but its not.. Fast sales smart talking making you think it's okay for your own good but it's not. Scam, it's totally worthless and a way for them to make extra $895-$2, 000. Make sure they explain exactly the $$ details of the initial sales quote and not only focus on the payment, you get totally blindsided and lured away from the actual charges, insist in getting a copy of the sales quote (as they shady hide it from you after you signed it) and make sure you bring it in to final signing so you know/remember where the deal started from, be patient and challenge each line.
I have bought five VW's over the years from Lewisville VW, and this fifth deal was a very bad experience. My perception as customer is highly negative. Thought it was like previous years under old management, which I trusted and have never been let down or taking advantage off, but it's not at all near to previous business and customer care standards.

No matter what their shady paper trail say, I feel lured into a bad deal
I have requested my $895 back with no resolution.
It hurts, it's sad... Don't go there
Will never go back

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