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T Aug 17, 2018 Review updated:

A guy on letgo stole my iPhone 8 Plus and took off running he blocked me but still has an active account anyway you can help me get my property back or get his info to the police to send him to jail anything over $500 is a felony that's grand theft it's over $1, 000 please any helps appreciated his name on letgo is Patrick Anderson is sure it's a fake name he's a thin black guy in his mid to early twenties around 6 ft maybe an inch or two bigger he was wearing all place with a black hoodie


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    Ambgar Aug 21, 2018

    I purchased an I phone on letgo two days ago August 19th and even put my chip in the phone with the seller there. The phone seemed to boot up just fine and when I when to finish the set up it had been searched for on a find my I phone app so it states you have get a hold of the previous owner to get them to remove this device from there find my I phone account. When I contacted the person again to do this I there was no response. So obviously this guy is a total fraud that sells stolen I phones and even brought his wife as an accomplice. He introduced himself by a different name than he used on Letgo so I guess that should have been my first clue. His profile name is Clark Erdogg. My second should have been the bin of play station games in his trunk that he also offered to sell me. I am going to report this scam to the police in hopes he will not be able to do this to anyone else. People like this give these sites a bad name.

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