Lesley Ann Jackson Bridlington UK & Nos Llew Blaiddstalkers, cyberbullies, harassment and misinformation

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Complaining about complaints board allowing stalkers to roam freely with misinformation and sock puppets (enough to make the muppet show) names behind these fake accounts are
we can see you Lesley! lol and Mr John Smith stalkers of Siobhan for over a decade
nos llew blaidd aka John smith and stalker with Lesley Jackson
The following link is just one example (there are others to come) of an invalid complaint made by a fake account Tomjen & Mick however, based on the exact same unfounded attack by Lesley Ann Jackson, is taking her revenge in her web of lies. This is a common practise of hers. Always done with a fake name - never in her own. She thinks she's clever but she's not. It's easy to spot, she's done it that often over ten years or so.
The complaints lesley makes against Siobhan are all unfounded. There is no evidence of proof ever offered.
The many names and fake persona's, some of which are clearly created to appear to be "supporter's" - all of which attack relentlessly, sharing the same posts over and over again. there is no doubt that all these fake accounts are indeed HER! Even here there is more evidence of this form of theft - because she is very good at stealing others works - her book Witch is used without permission and one book was written in the 1800's Google her name Cymraes means or Lesley Ann Jackson and see how many scams she runs. Her claims here are total fantasy - there is no proof. Note, that all the claims made against siobhan, have no concrete proof at all; in fact they're no better than malicious gossip. She seems consumed, in a very unnatural way too. The authorities who were informed also ignored her due to her constant hate speeches and misinformation. It cannot be good for her mental health for it to continue either. it's ok for you Lesley to steal images and deface them? But when someone else does it it's wrong? Is she obsessed or possessed?

2015 Lesley Ann Jackson "She constantly harps on about"
2017 Lesley. Jackson Dec 18, 2017 " Siobhan, are you getting harpy?"

2019 Tom JEN Jul 20, 2019

@31987 Unless you disagree with her, then she'll stalk you like a harpy

there are five sentences written by Lesley Jackson and Tomjen over a period of years that are exactly the same.

So please feel free to share this post - to google CYMRAES MEANS, and her name, David C Jackson and Lesley ann Jackson to see her record of scams - after all the internet never forgets! The difference here is, the body of evidence is clear.

Please note that the claims of stalking, and harassment are backed up with evidence. It's not hard to see the truth, now is it?

Not everyone is who they claim to be online. Many people lie about who they are, where they, live, what gender they are, and hide their true motives.
We all need to be aware of people like this, no matter what our age, nor how careful we are; they look for the young, the elderly, the vulnerable and the gullible among us.
At anytime, we can become the victim of people like this.
Be aware.
Be wary.
Be careful!

Lesley ann Jackson is as ^^^ N*A*S*T*Y ^^^ as they come!!!

look up on complaints board Lesley Jackson, Lesley ann Jackson, nos llew blaidd, Mick 666 Wicklow, tomjen, psychic gino, Bella new, BMJ 1 and many many more its unethical and shameful that they are being assisted by complaints board to harm another

link nos llew blaidd Nos Llew-Blaidd be warned real name John Smith - Stalks ... › complaints › nos-llew-blaidd-be-warn...

- Consumer complaints and reviews about Nos Llew-Blaidd be warned real name John Smith uk. stalks women and threatens them real name John Smith

Lesley ann Jackson Cymraes - Means lady in welsh - cymraes's corner aka lesley ... › complaints › cymraes-means-lady-in-...

- Consumer complaints and reviews about Cymraes Yorkshire. means lady in welsh - cymraes's corner aka lesley ann jackson uk fraud. Scam companies also included


Cymraes's Corner - ~ weird and wonderful blogging from the Welsh marshes troll and fraud / lesley jackson wales "a traitor to wicccans acow" and "a warlock medusa" scammer and fraud (Complaint Comment)
Cymraes cornered
Dec 10, 2018
HUDSON CONTRACT SERVICE director lesley ann jackson and david jackson FRAUD Current officers 8 officers / 3 resignations Correspondence address 1 Mill Lane, Bridlington, East Riding Of Yorkshire, England, YO16 7AP 21 March 1997 ANFIELD, Ian Spencer Correspondence address 1 Mill Lane, Bridlington...

why are they allowed to harm an innocent woman

  • Updated by Busted scammers · Nov 19, 2019

    PFA this is for cymraes and this shameful man john smith just replace the she with a he you yellow bellied man

    cymraes's corner what can anyone say to this? first, l used to follow your blog but not again shame shame shame on you I read the posts and now I am 1000 percent positive you have stalked and lied all the way

    you are a stalker Someone may stalk you by following you or calling you often. Stalkers may also use technology to stalk you by sending unwanted emails or social media messages. About one in six women has experienced stalking in her lifetime. Women are twice as likely to be stalked as men are. Stalking is a crime.

    Lesley ann Jackson "written by a disgusted pagan for and on behalf of your victims"

    Dear Stalker:
    Yes, you. You who denies that your behavior is in any way unacceptable. You who denies that the things that you write are reprehensible. You who refuses to stop. I’m talking to YOU.
    from your blog cymraes's corner something happened along the way. Something snapped and you became a completely different person – a person who deserves no respect and every bit of anger that I am about to unleash on you.
    Take these words to heart: I have never been interested in you outside of a professional relationship. I will never be interested in you – EVER – on any level. You are nobody. You’ve never ceased for the past 5 years in hurting others.
    yet that doesn’t seem to matter to you. You believe you are above normal standards. You believe you are never wrong. You are a narcissist in the worst possible sense.
    What you consider to be normal comments, I consider to be lewd, disgusting, harmful, slander, cowardly and hat you consider to be playing, I take seriously.
    You’re a very sick individual who believes that one day you will wake up and people will believe you. That your business ambitions will exceed that of wordpress. That you are actually cool. You’re not. You’re pathetic, and your grandiose illusions are a tell-tale sign of someone squarely off their meds or in this case booze..
    On and off for almost a decade now, I have put up with your crap – blocking account after account. To which you have resorted to leaving comments on my blog, contacting me via Twitter, and now, emailing my best friend, my family and your group pap psychically threatened me due to my transgender which is none of your business. This is where it stops. This is where it stops, because the next step is having you locked up, instutionalized! There you’ll be in the company of women who hate any who stalks, harass, or hurt women or children and probably other uncomfortable experiences. You will not be able to defend yourself or fight back because you’re weak. You will have no control and be at their mercy. You will feel violated and sick – just as I’ve felt for the past year. You have come in to too many peoples lives to harm – uninvited and unannounced. For What? To humiliate yourself by being under the scrutiny of 5 large wiccan organizations and individuals you have hurt and/or interfered with. You have issues. Deep, deep, issues and are considerably disturbed Stalking and trolling under so many names is a crime, a violation.
    I know that you’ve done this to at least one other woman. She was also a former co-worker, who also wanted nothing to do with you. I only hope that she hasn’t been put through what many been put through in recent months, weeks & years.
    For the record, my name is not Raven neither is gabby, Siobhan, or anyone you stalked. The best possibility I personally have come up with is You are! Thou and Joanne Nelson, sharon heeley, john smith and PAP protest too much. Some will condemn us, your victims, for making this public, because they’ll know immediately who you are; but they haven’t walked a mile in our shoes. We didn’t want this unnecessary drama. We didn’t ask to have our life turned upside down and constant lies so you can boost your own ego.. Many have asked you to stop. Over and over and over again. Others have asked you to stop. You have caused too many people enough misery and deserve no sympathy or hand-holding for STALKING AND HARASSING other human beings to make a couple of bucks on your blog cymrae's corner off the backs of innocent people.
    You are right about one thing: life IS too short. It’s too short for me to allow a [censor] like you to cause days of anguish and despair. you have been caught and everyone knows. The next step is naming names, posting the emails, and sharing any and all communications. You can’t deny any of what you’ve done, because it can all be traced back to you. As hard as you already try, you can’t falsify reality as none of the other buttheads you have in your gang can deny their part in this disgusting behavior.
    This is the end of the road. It’s a dead end and always has been. So stop. STOP. Or you WILL feel the wrath of a entire society who has had enough of your constant interfering, foul mouth and lies.

  • Updated by Busted scammers · Nov 19, 2019

    Nos Llew-Blaidd be warned real name John Smith — stalks women and threatens them real name john smith
    1 Review updated: Nov 19, 2019
    Meet a man who has written on a womans page and in several places all over the net "this bun is always watching you" he trolls and stalks his real name is john smith and he is dangerous
    He admits himself "he was bullied as a child and suffers from manic depression" - "the black dog takes me over"

    He needs to be under surveillance and/or locked up for his stalking and hate he is a freak
    He believes that he is a dj and satanist

    Look up his name here on complaints board and see him stalking! Then google him! Be warned


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    Tom JEN Nov 22, 2019

    More sillyness posted by Siobhan Moore Whelan.

    For anyone who wants the real lowdown on all this, read the following complaint

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  • To
    Tom JEN Nov 29, 2019

    Siobhan, you are such a blatant liar, it's actually quite amazing.

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  • Mick 666 Wicklow Nov 30, 2019

    @Tom JEN Isn't that a case for the Garda Tom?

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  • To
    Tom JEN Nov 25, 2019

    and more...drivel from Siobhan Moore Whelan. Read this thread for more info about her and her stalking ways.

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    jom TEN Dec 13, 2019


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  • To
    Tom JEN Dec 17, 2019

    @jom TEN You really do love that photo, don't you Siobhan?

    Is it the wallpaper on your phone?

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  • Mick 666 Wicklow Dec 17, 2019

    @jom TEN The woman has a STICK! You're stalking a disabled woman?! O.O I know its you Siobhan, the little things you do are so freaking obvious! Like taking Tom Jens name and turning it about. You're mad. Deranged. No wonder yer family want notting to do with you. Jus look at yer Mammas face at the weddin. Shame on you.

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  • To
    Tom JEN Jan 27, 2020


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  • Mick 666 Wicklow Jan 29, 2020

    @Tom JEN Yes another fake account of Siobhans bites the dust Tom!

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  • To
    Tom JEN Jan 31, 2020

    @Mick 666 Wicklow Long may the take downs continue! :)

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  • Jx
    jxj Feb 04, 2020


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  • To
    Tom JEN Feb 05, 2020

    @jxj HAHAHAHAHA I'm a woman in a red dress now Siobhan?

    Maybe stick to having a few beers in the evening, red wine seems to be a bit too strong for you.

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  • Jx
    jxj Feb 05, 2020

    @Tom JEN Please just give these babies their rattle. LOL

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    364588jd Feb 06, 2020

    @Tom JEN Suits you sir 😂

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  • Jx
    jxj Feb 08, 2020

    Yep TomJen

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  • Jx
    jxj Feb 08, 2020

    @jxj 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • To
    Tom JEN Feb 10, 2020

    Plagiarism is a crime, Siobhan.

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    Greeneyes45 Feb 17, 2020 Margaret S. English ( Peggy Bolin ) Terry Lynn Carpenter Doris Campagna
    Joan Harryman
    Richard D Lauersdorf
    Doris Campagna creates fake profiles to stalk and harass those who exposes her scams.

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