LensCrafterscustomer service/loyalty & replacement glasses


Yesterday (7/2) the Lenscrafters in Bloomingdale, IL did not help me or my daughter at all on her glasses that broke when she fell. We have just purchased 6 glasses and contacts for my whole family in March, April and May, plus we have been a loyal customer for many many years. My daughter fell on Tuesday night and unfortunately her glasses broke. One arm of the glasses came off and the other bent. I called Lenscrafters explaining what happened they said come in and maybe we can glue the arm back on since we didn't have an extension warranty. We drove there and they said no we can't fix the arm and we won't even try to shape the other arm back to the original shape. They said corporate won't allow them. I explained that myself and my wife and 2 daughters just bought 6 glasses, contacts and have been a LOYAL customer for so many years and this is our treatment? The manager said, can't do anything corporate won't allow him. Tell corporate. He said try a watch repair shop they can. Really? All my loyalty to Lenscrafters for all these years all the money i have spent, (many thousands over the years) and he tells me to leave and go to a watch repair shop? I know we didn't get the extended warranty, but the glasses were just purchased in March 2019! Plus, we continued loyalty with my wife (bought contacts, April 2019), daughter(2 set of glasses, March 2019), 2nd daughter (the broken pair and she bought sunglasses too) and myself (2 pair of glasses, May 2019). I am sure glad Lenscrafters "care" about their customers and they can see. I am expecting a full apology and my daughter can go in and get replacement frames (same ones) at no charge. Anything else short of this and you have lost all 4 of us as customers. I am very frustrated and extremely disappointed in the Lenscrafters service and answers they gave me. They were "sorry" but we can't do anything because of corporate. Is corporate relaying a message to their offices to treat loyal customers like dirt and not look at the big picture on how many years they've been loyal, how much they spend? I am not asking for what I feel is fair, I mean they were bought less than 4 months ago, and in that time we bought 5 more pairs and contacts. Again, not counting the dozen of years we bought before that. Please look up my family's history of being loyal and the thousands of dollars we spent over the years. Then put yourself in my shoes, Lenscrafters tells me to come in and they can repair, so I drive out there with my daughter only to be told no way can we fix that, plus corporate tells us to push you away, go to a watch repair shop. Don't care how loyal you've been or won't even listen that my daughter needs glasses. Get out of the store and only come back to buy more glasses and contacts so we can treat you like dirt when you actually have an issue. Corporate tells us we can't help you, file a complaint with them. So I have, please tell me my daughter can get her glasses repaired and no charge with new frames plus an apology. We can go to your Bloomingdale, IL store or Woodfield Mall store in Schaumburg, IL. Anything short of this and again, you will not see our 4 faces, business or money ever again. Make this right.

Thank you in advance

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