Early this year(2009) my husband and I were contacted by Ste ve Rosenberg, who I later found out he is the person in charge of the reverse mortagage dept. At the time we were told that he could get us more money on a reservse mortagage loan which we had just received in Dec.(2008). At the time we thought why not! Lets check in to it. So, I Faxed and mailed Mr. Rosenberg all the information that he requested. Then on April 4, 2009, we had an apraizel done, and at the time Mr. Rosenberg told us that we would be reimbursed, for this aprazial. We had an aprazial done prior to this, only a few months earlier. So we went a head with this aprazial, we paid $445.00. Within a couple of weeks I was contacted by another employee, who had done our original loan. I was told by this person that he was sorry, but Mr. Rosenberg had made a mistake, and they can't approve any more of a loan. Also, there were other issues with this second aprazial, but we did not make an issue or get angry, we simply said, "please send our $445.00 back". Well months passed with a few phone calls from me asking where's our money? And I kept geting the run-around from Mr. Rosenbeg. I would hear things like "I told the girls to cut you a check, I'm the manager of this dept." Or "You still have't got your money! I'll find out what happen, and I call you back." So by the end of June early July I and my husband had had enough, we even had arguments, because of all the lies, etc. Finaly I started calling customer services, eveyday. At first I was way to easy-going. I would beifly explain why I was calling, give my name and #, say thank you. And I honestly thought these people would call back, or even send my money. I even had to send a copy of a check carbon, and tell them who did the aprazial and their phone #. I sent these people infomation, which they should have had on file. After a couple of weeks of this bull, I started being a little more out spoken, I finily said, "I'm going to write a letter and let everyone know how poorly you treat customers.' I was told "Please don't do that, we'll take care of you". Well we received a FED-EX pak. a couple days ago. The check enclosed was for $400.00., not $445.00. Ok fine LEND AMERICA, you still, screwed us out of $45.00, which might not be a large aount, but it is to us, also it's a mater of what right and what's wrong! YOU ARE WRONG! And I though by writing this it might help some else, to let them know to be carful, when dealing with companies like LEND AMERICA.

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