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Lemke Consulting & Sales, Inc./dirkjalFraudulent Posts


THIS ### IS NOT AN ARTIST! Contrary to the impression this lying idiot gives on posts defending his relationship with a well-known criminal Dallas enterprise, this 'vendor' (clearly meant to imply he is an artist/supplier), in fact, services their copiers and computers. If he took the time to realize that the posts about the sleazes he's impotently defending indicate that they have a history of stealing from ARTISTS (not technicians who help them pull off their scams), maybe he'd have kept his big, fat, fresh, stupid mouth shut and not bragged about consorting with con men. God, you're an oblivious idiot.


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    dirkjal May 26, 2010

    dirkjal never claimed to be an artist. by definition a "vendor" includes computer service. if someone is too dumb to understand that a computer tech is a vendor maybe they shouldnt be writing anything.

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