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I keep on getting calls at my place of work even after I have told these people to stop calling. The name's name is Steve Watson and he has a very heavy Indian accent and keeps on threating to send people to my place of work if I don't settle my debt. It wasn't until today that he finally said he was from the Legal Affidavit Processing Unit. I took down the phone number and did a Reverse Phone Number lookup and found that the phone number is unlisted and in Boyton Beach, Florida. These people were calling a lot earlier and I told them over and over not to call at my place of business. They stopped calling for a few months but have started up again. I am at least getting two calls per week at work and now they are calling my cell phone when I do not talk to them at work. If I don't pick up on my cell phone, they call several times in a row before leaving me alone for a day or two. They claim I have an outstanding payday loan, which I do not. Also, anytime I talk to them they tell me I have 24 hours and then I am in big trouble.


  • Jo
    Jon Jan 13, 2009

    I also had the same basic thing happen but they called themselves ULPD or United Legal Processing Division and said they represented Midland Marketing. I contacted my State Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission. They are breaking the Fair Debts Collection Act if they are threatening you with arrest or fraud or if they called any of your contacts and spoke about your information. You can file a report with the Federal Trade Commission and also ask the company who calls you to send you a written bill. They have to send you a bill and can not just tell you over the phone that you owe them. Also tell them that you are filing a complaint with the FTC and your Attorney General. Otherwise find out who they are collecting for and you have a good chance to sue them. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY OR ACCOUNT INFORMATION.

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  • Kc
    KC CHIEFS Sep 09, 2009

    I just recieved my second call from the FRUAD LEgall Affividate Unit saying the same thing that they are coming to my work to arrest me and call my job every hour on the hur I just ignore them. I acted stupid at first and asked what county are these stupid made up charges and they couldn't tell me where in my state. Which that is public information and in any court you do get a legal letter of any kind that you have something against you. Plus when I asked for the court case number is was only 6 digits long. Which is wrong to court case numbers have anywhere from 12 to 16 digits. They were so dumb that they didn't even know that I was letting them know that I did report this to My state Attorney General and he wanted to know the name of my lawyer and didn't know what I was talking about so these people that they hire in India or anywhere else are very poor and undereducated because they need the money even if it is illegal to do what they are doing. they told me that I would be taken to jail naked. Yeah right.Who wants to see me naked!LOLOLOL! Only crack heads go to jail naked cause there crazy!That really is a third world thing to scare women in other countries to shame their families likea a woman is being taken away by authorities for being an adultress. Not in the USA! plus they don't know this women that does not scare me it takes a lot more. Plus I'm educated and told them the jig was up and that they need to pracitice better english and quit being a untouchable. Which is the lowest of the low in INDIA the country. Man did he get mad when I said that. That for sure verified that he was from INDIA. LOLOL how dumb this guy was.

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  • M1
    m1974k Sep 21, 2009

    I received a call today at my Job from a woman that gave me the name Kathy Wilson her number is [protected] she claimed that I had an outstanding Payday loan.

    She gave me my last 4 of my checking account, my email address, my social security number my mailing address my home phone and my work and work phone address.
    I am very distraught by this phone call from Affidavit Processing Service she has a very thick Indian accent and I am sure she was trying to scam me. I contacted the FTC and reported them I also told this lady that if she has any legal action against me to send it in writing do not call me at work again as I am uncomfortable and upset by her call.

    If she has the BALLS to call me back I will threaten to call the police for harassment.

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  • Di
    Disgustedbythis Oct 22, 2009

    I receieved a call from Alex Dawson and Kathy Wilson stating that theywas from Legal Affidavit Service. They said I took out a loan and need to pay it back or they will press charges against me. Its funny because I work at a law firm so I know how this stuff works. I asked for them to validate the debt but they said that would happen in court. They couldn't give me the amount I borrowed only that it was from US National Bank (which by the way does not exist)!! I am so disgusted by these people. I have reported to these ### BBB and FTC. They wanted me to givem them my debit card info so we can settle the debt. (Oh, please!) They have such heavy Indian/Nigerian accents you can hardly understand them and then they get mad at you because you don't know what the hell they are saying. I told them to stop calling and they got real mad. They kept calling about 5 times in a row. I am so upset by this.

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  • Ta
    Tasha Grant Nov 02, 2009

    This just happen to me today someone name Steve Jones call my job and my cell phone saying that I owe so money to an internt loan service with Midland Marketing. He also knew my last four digital of my S.S. number my bank account number and where I work. This Steve guy also had a very strong India accent and I couldn't understand him I ask him to transfer me to someone else that I could understand and he just chance his voice to a higher pitch. He also told me I was been sue I ask for paper in black and white and he told me he couldn't send them. His number was [protected].

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  • Kj
    KJL16980 Jan 25, 2010

    received a phone call from a man who said his name was robert wood, from the law and investigation department. he called my employment 1-22-10 at 6:30pm and asked for me. lots of coworkers were around, so i told him i would take a message and give it to Kim (could not talk on phone, so had to do that). he proceeded to state that Kim Laino commited a fraud against us national bank. the number he left was [protected]. i called the number over the weekend and a gentleman that sounded exactly like this robert answered and said no one in the office and to call back monday. monday 1-25-10 at 8:31, this man called me from a phone number of [protected], and it said it was an invalid number.and stated that i had a loan with Midland Marketing that i did not pay and they were investigating and had a lawsuit unless i paid him this money. I did have 2 loans back in late 2008 and thought they were paid. neither were the amount this guy said of $510.00. i looked on the internet for midland marketing and came across a website of and typed in his phone number of [protected] and lots of complaints. Midland Marketing — Pay Day Loans is exactly where i found out someone else had gotten calls from this number with different people/stories. within seconds of telling this man that i need/want proof, he stated he would have to call midland marketing this afternoon and see if they would send me something. no sooner that i pushed the button to hang up, an invoice came across my email. looks fishy to me and i do not want to give money to someone scamming me, but if it is legitimate, want to take care of this. i kept asking "robert wood" for the name of his company since he said he was not employed by midland marketing. he just kept telling me law and investigation department, he gave me an address o f 9906 glades road, boca raton, fl 33432. he is claiming to be an officer investigating this for this supposed company in pittsburgh, pa. the supposed reg. lic # of this company on the invoice is reg. lic# (CDB-2931) 09/12 for this midland marketing. the supposed address on the invoice from midland marketing is 69 west washington, 10th floor, pittsburgh, pa 15201

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  • Sa
    SamanthaC Feb 15, 2010

    I received a call today from Legal Affidavit Processing his name was Daniel Marshal phone number [protected] and it was the same thing he wanted my attorney's information because he said I owed money to Instant Cash USA and he was going to take me to court, he said if we went to court I will have to be ready with at least $6000.00 but if I wanted to settled it by not going to court I needed to pay $745.35 within 3 days. He also threatened me by saying if I didn't pay he was going to put my credit on a black list for 7 years and that I wasn't going to be able to get credit from anybody.
    He had my full SSN, my work information, my e-mail, and the two references I had put on my application on
    I reported them to FTU Bureau of Consumer Protection but now I am afraid they are going to use my information and ruin my credit.
    What did you guys do to put a stop to it?

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  • La
    lavell79 Feb 19, 2010

    I also went to and filled out the form but when i clicked submit it just sent me to another loan agencys application form. I then realized something was fishy so i quit. Never did I get any money or any notice that I was to recieve money. This happened in either December or January. Fast foward to yesterday and I return a call to [protected] labeled *CALIFORNIA thinking it was an uncle that I have been trying to get hold of . I believe I talked to someone named alex who either had an indian accent or mexican accent, he preceeded to tell me that I did not pay back the loan of 600 dollars (the loan I applied for was 500) and that I was being charged with three felony counts of fraud at 5:30 that day.(convienent) He then asked me for my attorneys name. When I asked him to explain himself, he acted incredulous, that how in the hell do I take mone and not expect to have to pay it back. He then told me that my references would be suffering dire consequences as a result of my action. And that my social security benefits would be cut off because I am now a criminal. Each time I asked him for documentation of proof he got more and more beligerent, finally saying "you want proof? you'll have your proof when my investigators show up at your house and drag you to the courthouse!"And then claimed that they had sent me 17 emails. One funny thing is he seemed to get criminal and civil law mixed up. He actually read me part of my miranda rights about a lawyer.He then told me that I could settle this and keep it from going any further by paying the 600 plus 3400 in court and legal costs.(unusually high), then "transfered" me to thier settlement department. A "new" voice came on that was a little clearer, and when I asked him to explain what was going on he started yelling at me and it was the same person I had just been talking to. So I hung up. Well when I called the attorney generals office today they said I needed an address, so I called them back and when I asked alex the companys name in very broken english he told me legal affidavit processing unit. When I asked him to spell it he claimed to not have time for my ### and hung up on me. I still needed the address so I called back again and at first he did not know it but then gave me an address of 1365 Chulo vista drive, (couldnt catch the county)california. 91136. And then again hung up on me. So I looked up the zip code and it doesn't seem to exist. The Scary part of all this that is actually reality is that they have my ssn#. The rest is just pure fantasy on thier part.

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  • Up
    upsetaboutthis Feb 24, 2010

    I received a call on 2/22/10 from a man named Max Williams. Phone number called from was [protected]. He left a message on my cell phone and work phone. Stated that I need to call back to phone number [protected]. Told not to disregard the message. Do return the call. If I didn’t return the call then all he “can only do one thing is wish you good luck as the situation unfolds on you”.
    I called back on 2/23/10 and spoke with Daniel Marshal. He wanted my attorney's information because he said I owed money and that I was being sued for 3 accounts of fraud. Said that I owed $5867.29 and that at court I would need $6000. I asked where he was calling from and he would not tell me at first. Told me that he works with over 300 companies. And he finally said he works for great cash international. I asked for written documentation of debt and he stated that I would get this when I was served my Papers. I told him that I was going to call Federal Trade Commision to verify the validity of what he was saying and he hung up on me.
    I called him back for fear that he was true. He then told me that he would not work with me with an out of court restitution because he has self respect and I hurt his feelings by questioning him. He told me that he worked for Legal Affidaviat Processing at 1764 brookly st, chico, ca 98442. I zip coded search the address and no such address exist. He also threatened me by saying if I didn't pay he was going to put my credit on a black list for 7 years and that I wasn't going to be able to get credit from anybody. Threatened that he will serve me my papers at work and my employer will be notified that they have a criminal working for them. Let me know that I needed to notify my parole officer that I am being sued. (I don’t have a parole officer.)
    He had my full SSN, my work information, my e-mail, and bank information. When I would not validate my ssn he said that I had to do so
    I then called PDL assistance. They are working with me on some payday loan consolidation. They then called the company for me. PDL assistance was first told that they couldn’t verify the debt source. But after being place on hold 3x they were told that I owed Instant Cash USA $745.35 . I have never loaned with this company. PDL Assistance questioned them on this and they hung up on them. PDL reported to me that it is a scam and to not send them anything.
    I called this am to see if I could get a correct address for you and I was given 1365 chulo vista dr, Irvine, CA 92406 in Los Angeles county. Again the address cannot be found on zip code search.
    Both men sounded like they have an Indian accent

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  • Mc
    mck13 Feb 25, 2010

    I had the same thing happen to me. Phone number [protected] a Andy Hunt, very thick India accent. He stated he would take me to court, ruin my job, call my contacts and threaten them. He called me a criminal over the phone, said I was violating federal laws. I never even took out a loan! THe name of the company is Legal Affidavit of Processing Unit and the address I got from them was 450 McAllister St, San Fran CA, 94102. I got this only after being hung up on multiple times and being yelled at multiple times. Then if I faxed over my debit card number, my social security card number, my drivers license we could settle out of court??? What are these people thinking?

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  • Po
    PO'd in Texas Jun 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I received 5 phone calls today with similar threats as described in the other postings here. I went to the website of the company that they claim I owe money to "US Cash advance" and found the following information to cut and past here:

    Receiving harassing telephone collection calls threatening Police or legal action?
    Foreign sounding callers representing themselves as affiliated w/collection, law or government organizations collecting on a long past due payday loan?
    Not aware of owing any debt & they won’t prove it?
    Our office in Florence, Kentucky has received inquiries from confused out of state callers (who have never done business with us, who have been receiving collection calls from an organization claiming to be working for us or a company whose name includes the words U.S. Cash or something similar. They mistakenly or fraudulently allege a balance is owed us, and apparently are engaging in illegal collection practices (as allowed under FDCPA; please Google “Fair Debt Collection Practices Act” for more info). Callers report they typically have foreign accents while using tactics such as implying affiliation with legal or government authorities (use words like: Legal Dept., Federal Investigative Authority, Financial Infraction Dept., Cooper Law Firm). They refuse to provide any proof of the underlying debt, and finally demand outrageous payments be made to New York or Florida addresses to avoid legal or police action.

    Our legitimate brick-n-mortar payday loan company, doing business face to face only as U.$. Cash Advance here in Florence, Kentucky (a suburb of Cincinnati, OH) does not do business with residents of other states (certain qualified Cincinnati and SE Indiana residents excepted). Nor have we never done loans online or via the telephone. Therefore, no out of state accounts have been placed with any collection outfit by us.

    In rare situations, for our local customers whom we serve, we do find it necessary to employ a collection agency or attorney to enforce contractual agreements with our debtors. For the last several years we have only placed accounts with drs Bonded Collection Systems, a collection agency or Mason, Schilling & Mason, a legitimate collection law firm – both located in the Greater Cincinnati area.

    Please be advised however, that there are other loan providers online or those who do business via the telephone (fax) with names sounding much like ours. Authorities have apparently received similar complaints of outrageous third party collection efforts regarding them. There are also online brokers who buy listing priorities for key words from internet search engines so that they can grab searches intended for legitimate loan companies so that they then can attempt to sell the lead. Some of these outfits are respectful & legitimate organizations and some are not. We have searched for our name and found fully functioning websites with our name & location listed along with 20 – 30 other local providers. They do not have permission to do this with us and the KY Attorney General’s office has tracked one such website’s registrant to be domiciled in Russia, while operating from servers located in Shanghai. So….buyer beware – always know who your giving information too:

    CFCO Financial, Inc. (the corporation who operates the 1 U.$. Cash Advance store in Florence, KY) has filed a victim’s complaint regarding this potential collections scam and the misuse of our company’s good name with the following authorities:

    The Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions;
    The Kentucky Attorney General’s Office Division of Consumer Protection;
    The Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the Better Business Bureau; and
    The Federal Trade Commission.
    The FTC advised us that they have received other complaints from individuals & companies like us and are currently conducting an investigation. If you are the recipient of harassing collection calls on a debt you do not know about, it is recommended that you too file a complaint against this third party collection organization with your local authorities, your State’s Attorney General’s Office, and the Federal Trade Commission. If your complaint involves internet phishing or other inappropriate online activities the FBI recommends filing an online abuse complaint via their tracking system at: These agencies will need the name, address and phone number of the person or collection organization which is attempting to enforce the fraudulent debt from you. The FTC’s number is [protected].

    Though we regret these fraudulent collection efforts have involved our company name, we can assure you that CFCO Financial, Inc. dba U.$. Cash Advance in Florence, Kentucky is not involved in anyway.


    Richard G. Porstner, President

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  • Ta
    Tammisha Feb 08, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My name is Tammisha Hatchett and I was just harrassed by the same people but this area code [protected] and he said his name is berry richardson and that I was being sued for 10000 dollars from cash advance.. I never got and then he said that I was going to get arrested for it if I didn't pay the money and that I was going to have to go to court. So at one point I'm like let me get proof that I didn't get any money from anyplace. So I got a statement for proof that I didn't receive any money. He called me twice saying that they were coming to my house to arrest me and then he said they were going to bring legal documents for court appearance. So I looked them up andf come to find out it's a scam. I recorded the phone call and I called back and told them I was calling the police after I told them I found out they were a scam. Some lady was on the phone and he would not get back on the phone and she said ok and hung up in my face. Something has to be done because I was very upset. So look out fot these people with deep indian voices.. Sincerely Tammisha Hatchett

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  • Be
    bee_me817 Feb 09, 2011

    On 1/31/2011 at around 6pm, a man called me claiming his name was Officer Scott Mason calling for Money Cash Advance. He then called me names, cussed and threatened to arrest me the next day if I did not pay him $843.00 for a supposedly a $400 online loan he claims I applied for out online. He knew my social security number, address, full name, email address and last place of employment and said if I didn't pay him the company was going sue me and I would have to pay over $2000 in court charges. Then he had me write down his phone number to call him back which is [protected] and said I had to fax him something in writing stating that I authorize the debit in the amount of $843 from a prepaid card or credit card towards my outstanding amount and I ensure the payment won't get declined and I won't dispute this payment along with the date the money will be sent, the card information, exp date, CVV#, billing address, my signature, and attached photo id and to fax to [protected]. I have since contacted my local police department and filed a report with BBBonline, the FBI, consumer reports online, social security dept., and posted a message to every scam site I could find on the internet.
    And since I have received at least 2 emails from individuals stating that the same thing or similar has happened to them. See below:

    “ Hi Deborah, commented on their wall post. wrote: "Debby, You should post your experiences on; to warn others when they Google this person. We have world wide exposure!"
    Hi Deborah,
    Janet Hill commented on's wall post.
    Janet wrote: "Thanks for posting this, someone from this number just called me."
    See the comment thread
    Reply to this email to comment on this post.
    The Facebook Team “

    On 2/8/2011 same situation occurred:
    Caller claims there is a lawsuit filed against my name and social security #, threatened to black list my social security and file court documents under my name and social security #. Said his name was Alex Scott, his phone number is [protected] but on my caller ID it shows [protected] Syracuse, New York. I immediately phoned the police for whom I previously filed a police report with and added to the report. In addition, I contacted the FTC as well and reported it too. Try and call your telephone company and ask them to put a block on this particular number.

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  • Mi
    Milli02 Apr 05, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wow!! I'm glad I found this website with the complaints for this company. My husband had receive a call from the same people but unfortunatly I am the business handler in the family. I talk to a young man about 3 months ago telling me that my husband has an outstanding debt in the amount of $300.00 that cam from a loan online and that there was a pending civil suit against him and how would I like to hand the situation. Being very organize, I need more information.
    ME: Who is this loan for
    We represent many online payday loan companies.
    ME: When was the loan disbursed?
    Nov 2010.
    ME: What was the amount?
    So I told him to let me call my bank and check my bank statements for the months of Oct, Nov and Dec 2010 and guess what no credit was issued during those months in the amount of $300 from any online source what so ever. I call back and he just knew we were about to settle, Sike!!! He got mad and said he was goinf to have the police issue me papers and told he to do what he had to do because my husband and I is not about to pay a debt that can't be verified my us. I told him to send me some detail information. Never got it and here it is 3 months later and the calls are back.
    Name: Robert Wood
    Phone#: [protected]
    Place: Boca Raton, FL

    Midland Financial
    69 West Washington 10th Floor
    Chicago, IL, 60601
    REG. LIC. No. (CDB-2931) 09/12

    Other people:
    Manager: Patric Brown
    Representative: Oscar Trevino ([email protected])

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  • Le
    leezab Jun 02, 2011

    hahahaaa..i get the same call from same thick accented indian man named tommy jones or something..i ### around with him..saying things like "herro..china may i help you? want poo poo platter and flied lice?..herro??..herro?..i so sorry..i no understand you"..and then when he tries to talk to me..i interrupt him in thick russian accent and say things like: "vat? say i vin 500 thousand dollars?..fantastic! have address, right? send money to me NOW!..i so happy..i vin 500 thousand dollars"...and i carry on with other accents..until he hangs up on me illegal scam..they're nothing but terrorists and crooks and cons..looking for a free lunch

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  • Ba
    barbara saccoccio Jul 28, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Keep calling me to tell me I am being sued and will garnish my wages.He is Indian and will have me # 561.692.3901 they sent a email with court #doc. Midland Fiancial 69 w.Washington 10th floor Chicago IL 60601 I try the number back and u can not leave a message.They keep harassing me..please help

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