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Leave Simon AloneLeave Simon Alone

To all the jealous people, Simon Wilby is one amazing, caring, giving person THAT I have ever met in my 47 years on God, s green Earth. He would do anything for anyone, any person, any animal worldwide

Simon has been a beautiful friend and a support to me, he has never ever asked for anything from me or my family. I know Simon, s lawyers are going after ALL person/persons that has slandered him name, and I know the Lawyers my self personly, and I tell you this, I would not want to be in your shoes when they find you.

Simon has given away many things to help people, he is a wonderfull man, I will support him any where any time.
I am proud to be his friend, I must say this as well, He as a BRILLIANT mind as for his new invention, JUST AMAZING TRULY AMAZING, Best of Luck to you Dear Friend, be well and safe from all those who intend to hurt you.
All our Love from the Ted Waton Family.

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