Lea Thompson (Libertarian/Bitcoin/Steem)culturally insensitive communication style

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This is a public service announcement to warn people of Lea Thompson, affiliate of the following: (
(Lea Thompson: @coruscate)
-Bitcoin (
-Twitter: girlgone_crypto
-YouTube: LeaThompson
-STEEM: coruscate
-The State of Anarchy ( -(Lea Thompson recently attended/spoke at a conference (Anarchadelphia: Harvest Moon - held on September 13th- 15th 2019 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America)

Lea Thompson is an attention seeker, who is on the rise - only seeking more and more attention. But, why? Beautiful things are not supposed to ask for attention. A rose does not seek attention, nor does the sun nor the moon. Nor does a 14, 500 ft. mountain. Beautiful things sit and emanate their own beauty - from just being. They radiate from the inside out, not from the outside in.

Lea Thompson, however, given her boisterous and "all over the map" appearance operates from the outside. This can be seen in many, many of her photos and videos on Twitter and YouTube (The Steem Sister Show) where she is displaying alcohol as a ‘prize' or a ‘possession.' There's one thing if someone is casually having a drink - most people who enjoy drinking don't have to make a display out of it. Responsible adults who can control themselves and their habits exist quietly and do not seek attention or glorification. Nor ‘defend' themselves. Responsible adults take ownership over their mistakes and admit to shortcomings - it's called humility.

You cannot be humble if you seek perfection. It simply cannot be achieved.
Lea Thompson, if so concerned with her appearance, therefore must be seeking something else with all this self promotion. But, what?
How about a dollar bill? Money. Mon-eye. But, why? That's a good question, why don't you ask her. Oh, wait, if you challenge her worldview, she will call you a troll and deem you to be a non-credible source. She will be unable to refute you or have an open dialogue with you because in reality, she exhibits self-preservation over understanding. There is absolutely no way anyone could have a discussion with Lea Thompson because she chronically operates in a defensive mode. (note: maybe people don't identify themselves to you due to your defensive and aggressive attitude- maybe they fear you yelling at them).

Lea Thompson, unable to refute criticism with regards to her sub-par YouTube content, can and will remove unflattering comments from her YouTube channel. This is, perhaps, one of the biggest criticisms of people making their own content on social media websites - there's zero checks and balances. It's very easy (and egoic) to 'wash away someone' instantaneously via a delete button, when in real life, you would have to either refute the person or walk away. And, well, face the situation in a coherent fashion (which may involve not drinking alcohol).
Let's take a look at how Lea Thompson handles criticism. Then, you can be the judge as to whether or not you'd like to work with her.

Preface: Lea Thompson is a supposed 'leader' within communities related to: Cryptocurrencies, Freedom, Truth, and who may be labeled 'Anarchist' or 'Libertarian.' Specifically, this note is to take a look into if Lea Thompson is a suitable leader within this community on the basis of her ability to relate cross-culturally with others.

Today's example is below:

Lea Thompson's YouTube video: "Storytime - How We Almost Got Stuck in Vancouver Last Week at a Crypto Event" (published: YouTube - July 3, 2019)

Renamed Title of the video: "How Lea Thompson's Self-Obsession and Vanity caused a Virtuous Man to Crumble"


Summary: Lea Thompson (and her accomplice) attended a Crypto event in Vancouver, British Columbia. After the event, the accomplice makes note in the YouTube video that the girls went to take, "cute photos by the water", and as a result arrived at 8:15 p.m. to a closed parking garage. Lea Thompson admits to seeing a sign which states the parking garage closes at 8:00 p.m. The accomplice laments about how they were desperate and in "high heels and dresses" and needed to get back to work the next day for 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. Lea Thompson discusses how, after the security guard who happened to be Indian: "turned her down cold" she tried to bribe him with cash. Lea Thompson takes pride in this video for "playing the stupid Americans" card, to which she attributes allowed for herself and her accomplice to bypass the rules everyone else has to follow. Eventually she obtains entry and receives her car, claiming the moral of the story is: ""parking garages close at unreasonably early hours."
Lea Thompson never acknowledged or reflected on how her stupidity could have cost a man *his job* . nor did she take note that trying to bribe someone from India could have triggered post-traumatic stress from previous corruption the man may have witnessed/experienced in the country of India, where he may have lived.

Read below, and learn about how one person called Lea Thompson out - only to find that "accountability call out to Lea Thompson" removed.

Deleted comment:
Why are you laughing in this video? This isn't funny at all! What you did is culturally insensitive. Lea Thompson, you pressured a virtuous man to take mon-eye because of a mistake you made. "Failure to plan on your part, does not constitute an emergency on mine." Ever heard of this quote? Well, now you have! You talked over your wrongdoing in this video, too - and showcase no remorse or reflection for your wrongdoings.

What you did to this man - is WRONG! When you left, the man was probably laughing at you (not with you) due to such 'bribery' and FAKE damsel in distress charades. He likely laughed due to your lack of etiquette (mon-eye can't buy class - you tried to bribe him). You know, come to think of it - this humble man was probably crying because you made harsh demands on him, which may have reminded him of his time in India. Maybe he tried hard to create a life counter to family members who may have been corrupt? You have no idea of this man's struggle.

Do you realize how corrupt INDIA is? He should not have had to explain this to you. You throwing mon-eye at him, may have even triggered him - if he did in fact, live in India and took bribes as a young man. This man, he probably worked really hard in his life to become spiritually sound, and you broke him in seconds with your charades, which may have been interpreted as intimidation and violence. Being such a humble man, he was likely scared of you. You pressured this man with mon-eye to go against his virtues, which is basically clothed prostitution. He should have ripped up the dollar bills right in front of your face and let you suffer.

If you had mon-eye, why did you not get a hotel and take self-ownership over your mistake of being late? Why
did you have to use intimidation and charades to 'bribe' a man who was simply doing his job? Maybe if he let you in, and
was found out, he may have lost his job? Did you ever think of that? He's a person, just like you, you know?

You and your accomplice are an embarrassment to any 'truth', 'anarchist' or 'freedom' community. What you did to the worker (who was doing his job by the way) was put him in a position of being lesser than you. You viewed him as being "in your way." Simply because you could not show up on time - did not give you the right to make demands and try to bribe someone. Maybe you should reflect on this and make a video on "Personal Accountability." Playing the "stupid Americans" card will never get you anywhere worth going in life. This man should have let you suffer, so you could learn a karmic lesson. He gave you a gift of kindness (for whatever reason) and you never addressed that, either! You should have lost your job for trying to bribe a kind soul! Oh, wait, you probably work for some "stupid Americans" who would 'forgive' you either way. Sheesh.
One day, someone will break you. You will be out on the street with nothing but a backpack and one pair of clothes. You will have no one to save you, but yourself. And, no amount of self-obsession or vanity will be able to taint the hearts of the wise, the humble, and the free. You will have to suffer through the Dark Night of the Soul and you will have to serve karmic debts for all of your "get out of my way" and "me first" stints. You will have to do this alone for months, maybe years. Karma is present.

Here's a suggestion - you attended a conference on self-ownership, recently. Why don't you reflect on this incident and taking self-ownership? Maybe you can reflect on it in your "Personal Accountability" video and let us all know what you learned. It would be great to see some humility in the 'freedom', 'anarchist', 'truth' community. Why don't you set an example for everyone, Lea Thompson?

Lea Thompson (Libertarian/Bitcoin/Steem)
Lea Thompson (Libertarian/Bitcoin/Steem)

Sep 29, 2019

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