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A Aug 04, 2018

was expecting a document since 08/02 because bdo already texted me that it is already out for delivery.eventhough my work starts at 4pm, i waited but no one called or texted me that they are alredy outside the house or he is on the way.i was not expecting it to be delivered that day due to heavy rain.i checked the tracker but they said that i am bot home @2pm but im home no one called nor texted me. on 08/03 same thing happened same time and same reason but hell im home waiting for the delivery and now no one still came out to deliver the document that is very important..this is the 2nd delivery that failed..they said that the house location is unknown but we are receiving deliveries in our home through lbc..whats wrong with the delivery of lbc???where are my documents?!?!?

LBC Express

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