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I recieved a telephone call from Mr. Hecker's office today (7/1/09) from a woman named Jessica and I also spoke with a very nasty woman by the name of Stephanie Glover or Clover. The call was regarding a Capital One credit card that she claimed I owed from back in 2002. I was not aware of the past due bill and when I told her that she began to talk very unprofessionally and one point in the conversation she told me that I needed Jesus and accused me of lying and trying not to pay my bills. This is very unprofessional I even tried to call back to speak with her and her attitude was what do you want Ms. Brown, Attorney Hecker if you are an actual attorney this is no way for your employees to interact with clients. You must not value your practice, but then from all of the negative posts that I have read today your practice is not very upstanding. Furthermore I think you all are the one's that need Jesus.


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      Jul 23, 2009

    I couldn't agree more about how tactless they are. The person I dealt with this evening, my husband could hear him across the room berating me .. and I wasn't on a speaker phone. This guy was/is just a bully. You can have some compassion when dealing with actual human beings who *gasp* want to clear up a debt that they really had no idea existed because it was from 2002.

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      Jul 23, 2009

    They act this way because they know they have a limited time window to get you to give them your payment details. They don't want you going online and discovering the debt is so old that they cannot legally force you to pay them a dime.. their best hope is to get you to hate them so much, you set up a payment plan (thereby, making the debt legal again immediately) or getting you to pay in full right then and there.

    They may scare one in ten suckers to pay them for that old, worthless debt they bought for less than a dollar, but when they do, its almost all pure profit.

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      Sep 14, 2009

    I've been getting sporadic calls from them for the past 6 months. They claim I owe different amounts on a Capital One card constantly. I recently acquired all of my credit reports and scores, because I bought a house in June. There is no such debt or collection. They yell at you, have your SSN, tell you they WILL come after you and they WILL file a lawsuit. They absolutely cannot. Please don't let them scare you. They didn't even have my name correct, hung up on me because I laughed at them, called right back asking for my husband. I said he wasn't here and they screamed "WE HAVE YOUR INFORMATION, MA'AM." They hung up on me again. They are sick and sad people. Ignore them.

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      Oct 19, 2010

    I am so glad to see these post. I just spoke with this office and they are so unprofessional it is scary. It makes you wonder if it some sort of scam. A woman by the name of Mrs. Ball said they called me concerning my son. My son is institutionalized in another state. I thought something was wrong with him and began to panic and ask questions. She told me my son was over twenty one and maybe I needed to pay him a visit. She was so unprofessional I felt like I was having an argument with someone off of the street. I hung up on her an called back. This time she told me there was no way to speak to the attorney. I told her I wanted to inform him of her lack of perfessionalism and she told me he would never speak to me and to stop calling. I agree with the person that said they need Jesus, but she got me so ruffeled I think I need Him too. What on earth was that all about? I believe there is something illegal going on with them.

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