Laurence Liebenbergaccount unlawful suspension


Account suspended - debit order cancelled. Account that was used for debit orders were closed due to an-lawful deductions by 3de parties. Manual EFT payments made to Telkom mobile. Telkom mobile refuses to remove debit order. So when debit order is returned - irrespective off manual payment made. Account is suspended. 10 calls over 10 day's - 081 180 - operators refuse t give ref no - claims collection department can not be reached - manager and supervisors refuse to take calls and refuse to make arranged call backs. Will my account be credited with 1/3 of this months expenses. The operators keep on telling you - it is your fault - but if they look closer - then they have no answer and refuses to give reference numbers. Why ? Why does it take 10 day's . Why does managers not take calls or supervisors - and why does supervisors not complete call backs.
But there was no hesitance to suspend the account - on my date op payment 05 September 2017 - I phone Telkom mobile to get the payment value and confirmed that manual payment will be made - Telkom shows the different payment options - but refuses to remove the debit order from my account. this is in - lawful, to force a client to a specific payment method and then charge penalties - suspension cost etc.

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