LaShawnda Allentreatment before & after interview

D Sep 05, 2018

To whom it may concern:
My name is LaShawnda Allen. I am a 22 year veteran employee of the City of Chicago. I have diligently worked for two Mayors Richard Daley & Rahm Emanuel. I am honest, compassionate, loyal, and effective. A real team player. I applied for the open host/hostess position with your corporation. I take great pride in performing this task daily for the City of Chicago as I exude great mannerisms in being a people oriented friendly person. I have superb written & verbal communication skills. I understand the premise of becoming acclimated to the descriptive of what each position calls for to ensure adequate coverage & operations are handled seamlessly. I met a wonderful manager Bradley Cool at 7140 Mannheim Road Rosemont Illinois 60018. I inquired about working there he gave me his business card. I was eager to apply for the position. The staff who serviced my co-workers and I were great. My disheartening concern came when I met Dan McNeal/McNeil assistant manager. I dropped in during lunch hour to patronize the establishment. I asked for Bradley Cool. I was advised he wasn't in and the employee suggested Dan McNeil/McNeal. He approached me I had a huge smile on my face. I informed him I was doing a walk-in to follow up on an online application I completed. He immediately threw his hand up in my face and said rudely & hurriedly now is not the time this is lunch/ hour rush hour. I was taken aback in addition to being slightly offended. I turned and left and did not dine with my co-workers this day. I went in on a subsequent visit Bradley Cool the manager was on duty. He has stellar customer service, he is polished, and pleasantly professional. I advised I was following up on my online application and dining in for lunch with coworkers. He advised me one moment please he quickly went to retrieve my source documents. He came back and offered me a choice of two interview dates Friday or Saturday. I selected Friday at 5pm after work. I went and Dan McNeal/McNeil unfortunately interviewed me. I was advised there are two Dan's. This guy is slender in build he has a pony tail and is balding at the crown of his head. Needless to say, I dressed in corporate attire. I was polished, professional, and punctual. Dan had on jeans that appeared dingy, he looked sweaty. So, he extended his hand to me which I was apprehensive to shake. I took the moment to remind him of our previous encounter as a positive critique on coaching and counseling. Explaining to him I was the young woman whom he placed his hand in my face days earlier when I walked in to follow up on my application. He just gave me a blank stare. No apologies. He directed me to a table and the interview began. He asked me a multiplicity of questions which I did extremely well answering. Considering I am a published author, and former radio personality. Although, he stumbled over some verbiage I looked passed this inadequacy. He read directly from the paper. I told him my availability was Monday through Friday 5pm to close daily. I explained this would be a supplemental income. I was quite appreciative for the interview and relished the fact of joining the Chilis team !! Dan ended the interview indicating he would contact me in 3 days. I assumed business days as it was Friday after 5pm. Dan never called me, wrote, emailed or honored his commitment. I did yet another follow up call . An existing employee forwarded my call to Dan. I advised I awaited his call to no avail. Dan said we chose somebody else. He was sorry he didn't follow up.Then the call ended abruptly. This unprofessional behavior bothered me. Due to the fact I know I am qualified and meet the criteria in the job descriptive Chilis is seeking. It is unfortunate to have such poor representations in an assistant manager. Dan obviously is not concerned with selecting the best possible candidate. One whom will make operations more efficient and effective. He is in actuality doing a disservice to the Chilis Corporation and brand. After speaking with several co-workers they encouraged me to voice my concerns. Because, the treatment I experienced that was rendered to me must be addressed. Hopefully, it will be a preventative measure to ensure all applicants are treated fairly. The next individual may not have the gumption to notify Corporate headquarters accordingly. I believe this can be a learning tool for Dan to be coached and counseled on appropriate workplace etiquette. I would be honored to perform his task and sure to be fair, consistent, and hospitable to all customers, and clients internally & externally. Thank you for reviewing my concerns.

Best Regards,
LaShawnda Allen

P.S. For the record.
Briefly, I greeted incoming guest one afternoon before any of this occurred at the host/ hostess podium. They all smiled and said it was the best greeting they ever received coming into Chilis.

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