Laser Dermatology Institute - Los AngelesUnprofessional conduct


This place is completely insensitive to those who have embarrassing skin issues. They cart you in and out, and within a couple min you are put in a room, taking off your makeup, and then some snotty guy in a suit (not a PA or a doctor) takes a quick glance at you and jots down a number on a pad of paper. Between 6-20 sessions needed at $2500 a pop for hyper pigmentation! I declined and he tried to scoot me out of the room swiftly but I said I needed to take 2 min to throw on my foundation. He got really annoyed and aggressive and told me I had to leave I told him that I didn't feel comfortable going out to a busy lobby to get the bathroom key from the receptionist and then going down the hallway to a central powder room. He was rude, snippy, verbally aggressive and completely inappropriate for the line of business he is in. Then he barked something about the HEPA Act which has nothing to do with staying in my private room for a couple more minutes but he must have thought that would intimidate me. This place is creepy and a total waste of time.

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