Las Vegas Metro Police Departmentpolice officers who give tickets and false statements


December 13 2016 making a left turn on a green arrow with proof from eye wittiness's who wrote affidavits as to the fact that i had a green arrow and was hit head on by a drunk driver who ran a red light! the drunk driver was sighted for running the red light and sighted for being drunk above legal limit i have all the proof that this in fact is true i have video I have written statements I have a supine from the state to be a wittiness for the boy who ran the red and was drunk... there was no one to help me... my insurance company nationwide told me because the cop gave me a ticket for failure to yield right of way to a drunk driver who was given a ticket for running a red and booked for being drunk. This is so very very wrong. i suffered injuries then my car was totaled my losses are so many... and no one cared about me. not the cop not my insurance not my lawyer not the boys insurance but they did pay my lawyer a large settlement i got a small amt of money. sudden impact auto body said that no one came to see my car yet the nv direct said they went there and told them they are covering my car! sudden impact auto body put a lien on my car over 10 thousand dollars.! im hurt sad and i feel like this is a injustice. to me and my family

Las Vegas Metro Police Department
Las Vegas Metro Police Department

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