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Checking account was overdrawn for 30 days, I contacted them about payment and in regards of how/when I was going to pay. Also I contacted then in regards to a credit Line I had with them. I advised that payment was going to be late. Also requested payoff quote so I could pay it off with my tax return. The Company proceeded to ignore my letter and faxing information and sent it to collections department demanding full payment of credit line 1100.00 within 10 days, even after I tried working with them. I also had advised them I would pay it off with my tax return coming in 2 weeks. they are now taking legal action even though I made a payment of $300 today, they STILL want the account paid in full within ten days. I already gave them my mortgage and grocery money. I have 3 kids and they will not work with me.

Over the course of 2008 I was charged over $2000.00 in overdraft fees do to the neglect from them not stopping payments and reinstating my overdraft account after it was canceled.


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    We also have had thousands of $'s charged to us for over draft fees by LANDMARK BANK of POTTSBORO, TEXAS . We have to call them or go there constantly to get our money back, We are charged these fees for no reason at all, Before We went to online banking my husband was blaming me for us being over drawn all the time. But now he sees that it was not my fault. Since we check it every day now we are able to put a stop to most of it. The only thing we are unable to fix is how they keep moving around what has already been posted to our account and what has not posted yet. YOU CAN NEVER TRUST WHAT THEY SAY YOUR BALANCE IS, ALWAYS KEEP YOUR ON BOOKS, NOT THAT IT MATTERS WITH THIS BANK IT SEEMS THEY WILL CHARGE YOU AN OVER DRAFT FEE JUST BECAUSE THEY FEEL LIKE IT. I WONDER IF SOMEONE IS MESSING AROUND WITH PEOPLE'S CHECKING ACCOUNTS IN ORDER TO STEAL MONEY FROM THIS BANK ? SIGNED BEING SCAMMED BY MY BANK .

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