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O Sep 05, 2018

I have been a Lancome customer for more than 20 years but have had enough!
Since I've had to go on Disability several years ago I've had to resort to doing 98% of my purchasing online.
I have placed 4 Lancome orders since July 31, 2018 and 3 of them had a problem!
The one placed on 7/31/18 was during a 15% off promo. I not only did not receive the discount, I was sent a double order! When I called Lancome and spoke to one of your agents, she assured me that she had issued me the 15% discount and sent me a pre-paid return label.
It is now 9/3/18 and I have yet to receive the discount nor the prepaid shipping label. I made 3 calls after my initial call in an attempt to have that shipping label emailed to me. And yes, I have been checking my spam folders!
Now I have items from 3 orders to send back and am still waiting for the shipping label AND my 15% credit that is owed to me!
It is obvious that your website has issues and your customer service needs major attention.
I have NEVER gone through this amount of trouble with any other retail website EVER!
My days with Lancome are over.

Cathy Buschur

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