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G Sep 11, 2019 Review updated:

The packets are shoddy, for quite some time now the packets are falling apart at the flaps on the top of side of the packet. After looking at it there's hardly any glue to stick it together.
I've literally got the one cig out and its fallen to pieces now my cigs aren't going to stay fresh for long.
Also the tobacco keeps falling out and in some cases there's about a third of the cig missing.
They keep going up in price but the quality is going down rapidly.
Sort it out or is that the masterplan to get people to buy more cigs???

Lambert & Butler


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      Nov 27, 2019

    Lamb & butler blue packs are falling to bits!! Every day I end up with a couple of broken cigs by the time I finish my packet, why were the packaging changed??? They cost enough, get a grip.

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