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J Aug 05, 2018

I have been having my lab work done at LabCorp, Fanwood, N.J. office for many years. On Saturday, 4 August, I brought my script to the office and was told to sign in at one of 3 kiosk's. There was no information or assistance for my first time use of this procedure over past practices. The kiosk is not customer friendly. The touch screen does not always record when touched. My secondary insurance is Tri-Care Plus for Life and it was not a choice and had to be written in from a key board touch screen which did not always record the touch. Since I am a long time, regular patient, I think your kiosk should just verify the insurance card and then pick up all the information from your data base. This kiosk system takes more time then having receptionist access information and is particularly not friendly to older patients not familiar with using a computer and backs up registering in a busy office. Some computers, like WOW have a voice responsive feature instead of typing in or touching a screen.
John J. O'Connor

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