LabCorp / Laboratory Corporation of America Holdingsdisposal of csf


My husband had a lumbar puncture on 9/22/17 at Reno Diagnostics in Reno, unfortunately for my husband, they sent the fluid to your company instead of Quest where I am employed. The sample was picked up by John, the courier at 256pm that day. According to Gail Petterson, Labcorp would have never excepted this due to a certain test ordered but it did get accepted. The person who normally handles these was off that day as I learned from Reno Logistics, it was never labeled as an irreplaceable sample, it was transported to Phoenix with all the normal samples and from there the entire sample was sent off to National Prion Surveillance. My husbands sample was never logged after it left Logistics in Reno, the Doctor was never notified nor was Reno Diagnostics. My husband has to endure another Lumbar Puncture due to Labcorp inadequate handling and the policy for chain of custody on an irreplaceable sample was never followed. I see a legal matter in our future, your company broke every compliance statute on the book regarding this sample.

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