L. R. Hauer, Str. pricing

L Aug 10, 2018

I am complaining about Vons pricing of wine. It is not illegal because you say "Regular Price", and not use the "Retail" price, but it is certainly misleading to the customer, and I would say unethical, as the customer who does not have a good knowledge regarding the price of wines, thinks he/she would be getting a "good" deal. An example would be 2015 Benzinger Cabernet which you claim at a "regular" price of $23.49 and have reduced it to $15.99 if you purchase 6 bottles of wine. The retail price for this wine is $20.00 from the Benzinger website, so you have just jacked the price up $3.49 to make your offer look good. Very unethical! And being a knowledabble wine buyer, I can site numerous similar examples.

By the way, this same wine sells for $13.99 at Trader Joes, and you don't have to buy six bottles of wine!!

Larry Hauer [protected] (work)

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