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Kymora Body ShaperScam and cheating

I was looking up the ubuyez website and found this website about the body shaper I am glad I came across it I was going to be one of those people who purchase this thing then was disappointed I am so sick of people taking advantage of other people with these fake --- products since getting married I've been having problems with my weight and have been feeling unattractive with my body image this makes me want to continue with the easy way out better eating habits and plain old exercise!!! Thank you so much I have a family to support and don't have that kind of money to waste.

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  • El
    Elisha Nov 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This product is okay. I does help a little, but definitely not what they claim. You DO NOT look 20 pounds thinner, thats for sure!! I am tired of all the false claims just to make money. Not worth the money you spend on the product. The bottom shaper isn't even worth the $9.95 shipping cost they charge you. I'm sure you could find a better product for the money!!

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  • Tl
    tlf Jan 23, 2009

    I agree...I purchased the same items. I was very disappointed when I received my merchandise. They make it look amazing on TV but when you get it home, it's so not what they make it out to be.

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  • Sh
    shopalot Jan 29, 2009

    I order a black and a beige one, both in large. The black one fit fine but the beige one was to big. Both labeled large but they are not the same size! I agree with one of the previous comments, the bottoms won’t even fit a child. If you try to put them on you fingers go right threw the product. Customer service is not existent, too. Sent emails and all you get is an instant reply. Called the company, they had someone call me back I told them the problem, but that was it, never heard from them again. True once they get your money they don’t care.

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  • Dm
    d moss Feb 10, 2009

    When I wore my shapers, they would ride up my butt.

    I don't like them. I like spanx better.

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  • Br
    britleo87 Mar 01, 2009

    i agree this is a rip off and a scam to society . I purchased the product after my child was born and nothing seem to fit i order large i get xxl no one returns calls product is definately a rip off

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  • La
    latinqween03 Mar 14, 2009

    this prodct is crappy. im 26 with 2 kids and it does not work at all. i purchased an item at walmart that is better than the so called body shaper.

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  • La
    Lalee Mar 16, 2009

    i was thinking about pirchasing this product.Thank goodness I came across these complaints...I to dont have the money to spend on a product that wont even work..
    THANKS ladies!

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  • Ce
    Celeste Morris Mar 26, 2009

    Unfortunately I am a victim of the made to look so fabulous bodyshaper. It doesn't do any more that a good girdle. When you order and you ask for the free gifts, which turn out to not be free, because you are paying for it in the shipping and handling. You actually end up paying for another top with the shopping cost which is why it is yours to keep. Why not, you paid for it.

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  • La
    ladayv Apr 10, 2009

    I disagree, I purchase this product and it work wonders for me. I look much slimmer and I'm able to wear a straight dress after all, maybe because some of you do need to lose weight several pounds before it doesn't work, but it works well for me. I get alot of compliments when wearing the body shaper.

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  • Wo
    wolfegirl Apr 10, 2009

    If your fat is not fluffy, this is not for you. I'm a size 16 with a large abdomen. But it consists of hard internal fat and muscle. Ordered body shaper and jeans based on the dress size. The body shaper was extremely difficult to get on, and almost impossible to get off by myself. Definately too small and it did not significantly improve my shape! The jeans were too large! I've learned my lesson. I will be returning everything and won't purchase in the future unless I can try it on!

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  • Ho
    hola Apr 22, 2009

    i ordered the same thing too. it works but not that great. after you wash it couple of times then it doenst work at all. all the fat is still hanging. the first 4 times i weared it i was so happy after a while it fades away.

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  • Is
    isng4jesus Apr 24, 2009

    WOW WOW WOW THANK YOU LADIES FOR YOU HONESTY. I have been looking into this product for 3 days and continplating ordering one. A week ago I had bought a slimmer thing that has a bunch of bra like hooks and a pair of slimming bottoms in the underwear department at Jcpennys and I love them. I had bought a dress for my step daughters highschool graduation and well you know when the hubbys X is there you want to look hot lol !!! I am very impressed with what I bought a JCpennys and they were 40% off. So I got the top and bottom for $38 out the door tax and all. I put it on when I got home with the dress and feel much more comfortable and confident. I am a size 18 in all honesty and have a bra size of 42 DD. So to tuck away fat is important to me to say the least. So ladies try Jcpennys and you may like their slimming products and they are cheaper. I was seriously gona beg my hubby to buy these for my but so glad I came accross this sight. Wheeeewww what a blessing. Lots of love to all you ladies out there.

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  • So
    southerngirl Apr 25, 2009

    I have seen the commercials and I was about to be hooked. I am a size 24 jeans and 42d. I have the "muffin top" when I wear jeans. I'm glad I found this site b/c I was desperate enough to try it. If anyone is my size and can recommend a product that they have tried to eliminate "muffin top" I would love to hear about it! To the other ladies, thanks for the honest info on the kimora body shaper!

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  • Co
    confusedonpriced Apr 27, 2009

    I thing the info-commerial is very miss leding, it states you buy one get one free, but that's not the case. Custmer service is no help (especially if you are in an in between size). Then it states you can get 2 different sizes and you can't. Then you start off thinking the product is $39.99 and turns out to be $70.00 so you really get nothing for free. Go figure.

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  • Ch
    Chris May 18, 2009

    Wow, I don't know what to say...I actually like the body shaper a lot. No, I don't look 20 lbs. smaller, but I like how it makes me feel "tucked in". I don't feel all lose and sloppy. And because of the way it is designed, it doesn't cut me in the middle like a panty girdle, with my stomach pouring out. It also gives my back support. I've worn it for a few weeks and so far, so good. I plan to order another one. I'm a size 18, 42DD bra size. I'm trying to lose weight and it really helps how I feel, self esteem, etc...and I do notice a difference in some pants I wear, it helps a lot.

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  • Ke
    Kenyetta May 20, 2009

    I was warned about the Kymaroas body shaper and I am glad that I was. My friend gave me a link to a great new body shaper called “Body Magic”….it really works like magic. I went from a 16 to a 12 after I put this garment on. I had an old size 12 dress that I couldn’t fit and after putting on Body Magic I slid right into it. Works well!!

    Her website is I hope this helps everyone.

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  • Qu
    Queesie May 23, 2009

    wow!!! Thank you guys so much!!! I was really considering buying this thing... I am a size 8 but I still have a little pouch and my shape isn't exactly what I want it to be. Additionally, I'm allergic to exercise!! LOL So I was truly hoping for a quick fix. Guess not!!!
    Thank you!

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  • Vo
    Von May 23, 2009

    I purchased the jeans and the so called free body shaper. I just got them today. I tried them on and I could not see a lot of diffference. In being fair, I did notice a little difference. I was a little upset when I place my order. First, they ask for your credit card information before providing any information to you. That was a red flag, but I continued with the order. What was to cost $39.99 ended up costing over $60.00 So, nothing was free. They even tried to get me to pay an extra shipping cost for faster delivery. I declined and I got the package very fast anyway. I am going to keep this order because I do not want to go through the hassle of return, but I will not order again.

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  • Ki
    Kimmy Jun 05, 2009

    Ladies listen i was a little over weight, I am not a genius, however i found a remedy just for me and i tryed it out no excersize equipment no body shaper and no B.S stories and high priced advertising.When i tell you i feel all of your pain.I was so big when i sat down my pants busted open i had to go home and change clothes so while there i started crying and looking through old pictures of my size 3-4 self 120 pounds is what Iam today and have stayed this way for years.Please e-mail me tell me a little about yourself and i will make you aware of your own remedy.Trust me Iam a mother of a 23 year old girl and grand mom but dont let that fool you my remedy helped me with my skin hair and nails too.Simply know you might have to let go of a few things, But if you want to have that man in your life take a second look every time he see you call me and i will schedule time to help you out on your remedy.You will be happy your kids will enjoy more time at the park and being a comfortable size will help you see so many changes in your life.Let's take back all of the money we have spent and let's get busy.[protected] once i secure who you are i will then release my number to you.

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  • Pa
    paulette Jun 16, 2009

    Dont buy it, it is a Scam. $40 in shipping charges is outrageous. I experienced all the problems that have already been posted. I am now disputing the charge with Amex. All I can say is stay away.

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  • Cu
    CurveGirl Jul 02, 2009

    Well, add me to the list of people NOT ordering the junk garment. They really should take their lies off the air, if the majority of customers are so dissatisfied. Quacks!

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  • Ge
    Get over it Jul 22, 2009

    Hey listen up everyone!!! You all say this product does not work!! Well it sure does!!! Alot of you said it does not make you look twenty pounds thiner, maybe you do not think so but other people can tell without all of that fat hanging down it really does take twenty pounds off!!! And like someone else said alot of you still have wight to lose!!! Its not step into this product and look like a supermodel its step into the product and like trim and clean for a nice look untill you lose the weight!!! So stop complaining that you cant find a product that works and just lose the weight but for the mean time this product is really helping you guys!!! And addmite it, it makes you feel better and you have more confidence!!! SO STOP COMPLAINING!!! If it does not work than why do millions of people buy it and love it every day?

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  • Th
    theperfectshape Jul 23, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ladies, I am an independent distributor for Ardyss International. I sell body shapers, nutritional supplements and skin care products. I had a baby 5 months ago and one month ago tried the body magic (their number 1 seller). That same day and signed up to sell their products because of the instant results. The products are pricey but the results will put a smile on your face. Majority of my customers are satisfied with the reshapers while a small percent are not.

    My reason for coming to this site was to research Kymora and Spanx and compare the two to what I sell. I have customers asking me the difference and I want to be able to answer the question honestly.

    So, feel free to look over my website and email me with questions or comments. The website is; email: [protected]

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  • Lw
    Lwinfrey68 Jul 28, 2009

    Thank you ladies so much. You have just saved me money that I did not have. The informercial had me hooked I was ready to make the purchase. I have already tried the Spanx and it rolls as well.

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  • Bo
    Bodi E Lee Fitness Aug 02, 2009

    Hello Ladies:

    I saw this "informercial" and must admit, I was beginning to buy into the hype until I decided to do some research. I am a Health, Fitness and Wellness Coach and I have to share with you that the ONLY way to reshape your body is through consistant healthy eating habits and EXERCISE.

    Although it is nice to pull in the bumps and bulges with these things, but guess what??? they come back as soon as you remove the shaper!!! Go figure!!!

    So, as a person who coaches women with their challenges with their weight, self-confidence and self-esteem, I always tell them..." don't get it twisted" and that there are no short cuts to creating a healthy, fit mind and body!

    You have to do the work!!!

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  • Mi
    MIMI1345 Aug 07, 2009

    Terrible, Terrible! Terrible!
    The top shaper you can't even get on!
    The bottoms have no support at all!
    I am returning the whole thing today! Has anyone returned this product? How long does it take to get your money back?
    Shipping total rip off! I don't want the so called free item either.
    The top material is stiff and uncomfortable.
    I didn't see this website before I purchased the item! BIG ! BIG MISTAKE!

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  • Ti
    TinaG Aug 08, 2009

    This company is a SCAM. I ordered, not good quality, didn't even fit and I sent it back and they kept $20.00 of my money for FEES and PROCESSING. I paid for S & H there and back to them and they still kept it.
    There is no $20.00 for processing and I wrote to the Attorney General and never heard from that office, wrote to the BBB and they had 223 complaints and stuck by their fees. Apparently, even with credit card companies, you cannot dispute these fees and they are somehow protected by them.
    So if their product SUCKS, they can still make 20% off of you.
    I never got my $20.00 back!

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  • Te
    TeenaB Aug 20, 2009

    Honey, this doesn't work, Now the Body Magic is wonderful. Slimmed me down, lost inches and now I can fit my dresses that I once couldn't. It's great and worth the money. Go here

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  • Sh
    Shoe Diva of Daddy's Heart Aug 20, 2009

    I bought Kymora after I bought a Spanx which has straps that connects to the bra in four areas. Two of these areas are the front of the bra and the back of the bra. It pulled my bra down and began to ruing the shape of it. I needed something to help with (due to a recent breast reduction surgery) my back. The Kymora has the back support I need and also keeps the "fat back" in place, as well as, keeping the "other rolls or muffins" tucked. No, I did not loose several sizes, but I am in smaller clothes, I have back support that I need to help me with being able to wear a "real" bra (and not one made by from ANY retailer. After many years of toting 30 pounds of breast for a very long time (I'm only 37, never had children, as I have a thyroid condition which effects my weight occasionally), I feel like a new woman. I have had many compliments from the way my clothes fit and I even turned a few of my clients (I am a make-up artist & pageant consultant) onto this product. I have busted my booty since the surgery to take off weight; I even began my weight loss prior to surgery as a precaution...It doesn't happen over night, there is no magic that can make it go away, but I know when my 20th Class Reunion scheduled for Fall 2010...I plan to be AT THE SIZE I WAS WHEN I GRADUATED...I'm lovin' this product!

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  • Jd
    jdv28 Aug 22, 2009

    I'm thankful for running into this site on my way to order this product online. I had my doubts b/c when the models would be speaking about how great it was (not the ladies coming out of the dressing room, the other ladies they show), if you look, while talking, you can see the back rolls that weren't there while they are posing for the camera. Slumping shoulders, pulling the clothes to purposely look dreadfull. They deliberately pull up that belly fat over the pants, and their breasts are lower in the before pic's also. Even if it does make you stand up better, it has nothing to do with the FRONT of your boobs! And viola your boobs are up and standing.
    Thank you for all your warnings.

    And to those mouthing off telling people to lose the weight...? Shut it! It's not your place to say ANYTHING about their body conditions! You don't know why they are like they are, or their circumstances. Did you stop to think it's people like you that they might be buying something to help? That judging us ladies go through at times pushes us to seek faster results. Besides, you are on here just like us, and if you didn't need one, you wouldn't of bought one yourself.

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  • To
    Tobeckon Aug 24, 2009

    I will NOT order this product especailly after hearing about the POOR customer service when you have a problem with your order. My sister and I were going to order bottoms and tops so THANK YOU all for your honesty and saving us from making a mistake with these puchases.

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  • Ec
    echo76 Aug 30, 2009

    Very expensive for what it is and now I have 4 magazines charged to me thru Kimora that I can't get STOPPED... What a mess STAY AWAY ...RIP OFF

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  • Mi
    mignik68 Sep 13, 2009

    I LOVE MY KYMORA JEANS!!! Got them today and i am ordering two more pairs. Went from size 12 to 8

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  • Kr
    KrystalK Sep 13, 2009

    Spanx is the best. It really works. I was just lookin for the Kymora thing to wear for my anniversary coming up in a few weeks. I'm a size 12 but I had a baby 6 weeks ago and still have some saggy skin and want to suck it back. I guess I'll just stick with the spanx.

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  • Ma
    mariemecalf Sep 15, 2009

    I sent a cashiers check through my bank to order the kymora bodyshaper. They cashed my check and told me they never received my cashiers check, therefore I didn't even receive a product to complain about. Bottom-line they jipped me out of fifty dollars. Whatever you do don't buy this product!

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  • Sh
    shimmer_96 Sep 16, 2009

    glad I didnt buy it now!!! They kept showing a skinny girl putting it on not once was it being put on by a heavy girl!!!

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  • Lk
    LKT/CA Oct 11, 2009

    ATTENTION: To the person who said 4 magazines were charged thru Kymara that she didn't order and cannot get stopped...other than established companies that have been around forever like Macy's, JCPenny, Home Depot...corporations we are all familiar with...when you order online from fly-by-night companies to order these "as seen on tv" products, DO NOT use a credit or debit card. Buy a prepaid Visa card because companies cannot then sign you up for magazines or other things you are unaware of. I let my son use my debit to get a CD about government grants. The CD was supposed to be "free", just pay a $2.95 shipping charge. This company sold the info to their sister company and charged my debit card for a "vacation club membership" for $69.95 I was unaware of until I got my bank statement. I had to fight with the bank to get the charge reversed. Never again...a prepaid Visa card will not allow this! It says so in their agreement. Besides if you get a prepaid Visa for $100 and your online purchase is $90, there's no way any magazines or other items can be charged to the prepaid card as there's only ten bucks left! Plus, as I said, Prepaid Visa or Mastercard don't allow recurring charges or charges that YOU did not initiate. USE A PREPAID VISA OR MASTERCARD WHEN ORDERING FROM A FLY-BY-NIGHT COMPANY!!! Only use your credit or debit card to order online or by phone from places that everyone knows like JCPenney, Kohls, Sears, Home Depot, etc. These companies that sell these "as seen on tv" items are fly-by-night. Besides, most of the items are throw-away quality anyhow. I bought that "auto cooler" thing for the know, it's supposed to keep the car cool on the inside when it's hot outside...piece of junk!! Never worked so that was money down the drain. Use PREPAID VISA CARD to order from non-established companies and buy the card in just over the amount you plan to use. If there's a small amount left, go to Starbucks and treat yourself!

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  • Va
    VanessaJE Oct 25, 2009

    Ladies and Gentleman, talk to someone anyone about ARDYSS BODY MAGIC. YOUR body, not Sally's down the street is measured for YOUR garment! You are then placed in the appropriate type of garment for YOUR BODY shape. This garment provides shape, corrects your posture, helps you to begin to lose those unwanted things that grow around our stomachs and backs. I call them 'titties' in the back, who wants them.

    Yes the garment can do what it say, but if you want REAL lasting change take the nutritional products as well and you will see a change.

    Been there and done all you mentioned above. How serious am I? My direct paid for by me monthly email is
    [protected] or you can log on to my Ardyss website provided to me by the company at Yes the company not only supports their product with a 30 day guarantee they support their distributors.

    Drop me a email and regardless of where you are I will help you or find someone in your area who can!

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  • Mi
    Missy57 Oct 25, 2009

    Thank you ladies..I saw the commerical early this morning and was going to put in my budget to get one to wear for holiday parties. I was in TX last week and my friend had a body shapper that I tried on and it provided a very smooth, tuck in kind of look. I believe it was called Ardyss Body Magic and you must purchase it at a private party. If you want more information contact [protected]

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  • Da
    damshizzle Oct 29, 2009

    my mother told me to order a body shaper online and i did. i gave my measurement but the product i recieved didnt fit at all. so i returned the product and ask for a bigger size, and yet they gave me the same product. so i thought of returning the product and get my money back, but all i got was the 39.95 out of 80.00 i spendt on the shipping and all the other charges. HELL WIT!!! YOU ...DO NOT ORDERED FROM THIS COMPANY ...

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