Kwik Trip / Kwik Starnew coffee cups and lids very dangerous

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We stopped for coffee on October 5th on our way out of town. As we were getting our coffee there was a man there telling us about how awful the new cups and lids were. He was right. I asked the woman in the coffee area about this while I was looking for the sleeves used to protect hands from the hot coffee cup. There weren't any. She said she had had many complaints, and that Kwik Trip was doing some market testing. We put the cups in the holders in the car, but we weren't able to get them out without the lids popping halfway off and coffee spilling. I got mine out amidst spilling it and burning my hands and lap. (redness) I held the coffee but when I tried to take a drink the lip popped halfway off and I dropped it as I was being burned. I had coffee all over my clothes, on the seat and carpet. The magazines I had with me were ruined. Thankfully my Kindle was protected by it's cover. This was an overnight trip so I had just the one change of clothes. We stopped several towns down the road and got empty cups, which with two cups inside each other, was sturdy enough to let us pick up the cup without the lids coming off. Unfortunately, by then the coffee was too cold to enjoy. The woman in the coffee area at this Kwik Trip reluctantly acknowledged they were having the same issue in her store.
I am so disappointed in the way this is being handled by your company. It is very dangerous, and knowing that you are aware of the situation and still allowing it to go on is unbelievable. At the very least your customers should be directed to use 2 cups for sturdiness. The entire episode infuriated me. To me this is a Class Action Suit waiting to happen. Please advise me of your intentions.
Thank you,
Cindy Johnson
225 7th St NW
Rochester, MN. 55901

new coffee cups and lids very dangerous
new coffee cups and lids very dangerous


  • Ax
    Axel Survila Oct 12, 2019

    If I burn myself, I will sue them, because of their retarded cups and lids!!!

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