KVrude service by an employee/manager


This is the second time that this man (one of your employees/managers) has been rude. Ok fine you don't have to speak but this is the second time that he has shunned me when trying to purchase powerball tickets only this time by the time another employee tended to me (Zahid- who had been outside clearing out trash then inside cleaning) Zahid says, "you can't play" and I asked, "why?" And he replied, "it's too late." To which I responded, "what's the cutoff time?" He says, "10:00." The. I asked, "what time is it?" He says, "10:03." My mouth dropped and I said, Really?!" After I've been standing here on line only behind one person since 9:48pm with plenty of time to spare you tell me it's too late when your colleague refused to help me causing me to then wait for you to tend to one customer before me because you were NOW behind the counter to help when you could clearly see that your colleague was not just rude but downright disrespectful.

Why work around people when you're miserable yourself? This is the second time that he shoo-ed me when I tried to hand him the lottery tickets (which he definitely knows how to do-having been working there for years)
But this second time I AM LIVID because HE is the only reason I didn't get to play the lottery. You better pray my numbers don't come out because if that happened I would make sure he knows that he cheated that entire Store out of winning anything because of his angry looking self. I don't have his name but he was working tonight with Zahid who didn't seem to care that my missing the cutoff was the other employees fault completely. This 7Eleven is located on Russell Rd between the intersections of Richmond Highway and Buckman Rd. In Alexandria, VA 22309


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