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A Jul 17, 2019

15 Julai 2019

Name: Murni Azureen Mohd Pakri

Hi, on 15 July 2019, at 21:50 I tried to buy ETS ticket for 16 July 2019 @ 1.10 pm from Butterworth to KL Sentral.
Everything went well, I already selected the seat which was D/7A, until I made a payment and somehow the payment are deducted from my Maybank2u account. However, when it come to KTMB website, it still on the page "waiting for payment" until the page said that the ticket was unsuccessful.

The money has been deducted from my account, but I did not success to get my ETS ticket.

On 16 July, I went to counter and check whether my name was in the system or not. However, my name did not appear. And I have to buy a new ticket.

I really hope that I could get refund for the amount that has been deducted from my account on 15 July for the unsuccessful ticket. Please, I hope that this incident wont happen again next time.

Thank you and have a nice day.

ets ticket

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