Krogerkroger sunflower seeds, sea salted


First, I would like to say that I have purchased many Kroger brand foods, and have found them to usually be same or better than many name brands. I know that many people think that store brands are inferior to name brands, and I admit that I used to think that. Once I started purchasing Kroger brands, when available, I have very rarely been disappointed, and in many cases, I PREFER the flavors of Kroger brands over name brands - Kroger multi-grain crackers, frozen orange fruit bars, and 2% milk for the 3 that I use most.

I am sorry to say, though, that I have a temporary complaint. I have purchased salted, dry roasted sunflower kernels in 7.25 ounce jar before, and have liked them better than other brands, which are usually far too salty. This week, though, I purchased a jar of them, and they are over cooked. I noticed that they were slightly darker brown than usual, when I picked them up off of the shelf. They actually TASTE slightly bitter and over cooked, though, and I don't want to eat them. I know that I can return them to the store, and I will, but I wanted to let the home office know that there is a problem with your supplier's product consistency. They are not terrible, but they aren't as good as usual, which I have come to expect. The expiration information printed on the jar is: "Sell by Sept 13 18 3153892D FB2 17:10"

I am not requesting a coupon or anything from you. This is just to inform someone in purchasing or quality control, because I know these probably are produced for you by the thousands of containers, and the problem is not just with this one jar.

Thank you for providing such a great grocery!!!

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