Krogergluten free bread

C Sep 04, 2018

My son is gluten free and we have tried several different breads. I have recently found out that my local krogers has ordered La Brea gluten free bread on multiple occasions and it has been crossed off the list. They told me that this means a discontinuation is occurring. This is the only bread that we have found to taste good and not fall apart. I am writing in hopes that you will continue this bread line. It is priceless to see my son actually enjoy bread again and feel more "normal" at school since you can't even tell the bread is different in any way. I beg you not to discontinue this bread!!! When I shop I see so many people taking this bread as well so it is hard to find it anyway, I drive to multiple stores in the Columbus area to get this bread and I beg you to not discontinue this bread.
Thank you for hearing me
Carrie Lewis

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