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We bought a pack of new marshmallows for a camping trip this week. When we opened them less than 24 hours later, the marshmellows had congealed to such a state that we had to use a knife to cut segments out of the bag. The marshmellows were so congealed that when we tried to use a spoon, the spoon broke! We ended up throwing the rest of the bag away because they were unslavageable. We were in a area where heat was not an issue, so we aren’t sure why this happened. Our group was severely disappointed in how this product held up.

jet puffed marshmallows


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    pobarjenkins Oct 19, 2017

    You should take the product and your receipt to the store of purchase. They should be able to assist you with a refund or replacement.

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    charliz Nov 17, 2017

    @pobarjenkins I also bought a package of the jet puffs at Walmart and when I got home from the store, the puffs were totally stuck together and I had a terrible time trying to pull them apart and when I tried to make krispi treats, they did not melt evenly and some of the marshmallows were too brown. I also had to keep washing my hands to get them apart. It was not nice. The marshmallows did look a bit squashed in the bag but I thought it was because the air had been sucked out and there were no other bags available. Obviously, this has happened before and we should not have to take the product back and wait in line for a refund after we've had to fight with the sticky mess. I know they are only marshmallows and cheap but your attitude is not wonderful and you haven't had to deal with the mess.

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    pobarjenkins Nov 18, 2017

    @charliz I'm not sure why this is a reply to me personally and why there is anything wrong with the attitude I conveyed in my comment. It was a suggestion for the original poster to receive a resolution to their problem. The store cannot refund someone without a return. Additionally, I don't work for Kraft or Walmart if that's what you were thinking.

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    Asserf Jul 29, 2019

    They wont turn gold.
    They wont burn.
    They just melt.
    They taste weird.
    Im not a food chemist but I can tell you they suck.

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