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Koons Automotive OutletPoor Customer Service and Business Practices

I recently purchased a car from Koons Automotive Outlet in Woodbridge, VA. My past cars have all been purchased from CarMax and I should have stuck with what I knew. It's been a disaster since day one. 1st I was told a particular price for my trade-in by the salesman. The next day when I came to sign the paperwork on my new car I was told the GM didn't agree with the price I was quoted and decided it was worth less. I then had to wait for hours in order for them to rework my paperwork. The salesman then comes out and tells me that with the lower trade-in value the bank won't accept my loan and I have to come up with additional money down for the deal to go through. I've now spent two evenings after work in their office. I desperately need a new car, so I manage the extra money down.

Now that I have the new deal worked and papers signed I head out to my car. The dealer hands me the keys and says I can schedule an appointment to fix the scratches on the side of the car. What! This was something that I thought was taken care of before I signed the paper. Silly me for thinking getting a new car would mean exactly that. The salesman locks the door and is off faster than I've ever seen. And know wonder he escaped so quickly. I get into my car and the gas light is on. Who buys a new car and immediately has to go to the gas station??? How absurd is that? Then for some reason when I get home I think to look in the glove compartment and low and behold the car has no manual. I'm beyond tired and frusturated at this point.

First thing the next morning I call the dealer and tell him all of my problems. He assures me everything will be taken care of. He acts shocked that the gas tank was empty -- any idiot can tell when the gas light is on! He continues to tell his load of bull, that they never fix cars before they're purchased. What kind of dealership is this! I scheduled my appointment and the day before I'm going to take time off work to get this done (because of course the repair shop isn't open on weekends), he calls and says the mechanic called in and said he won't be in for another week. That it's raining and he only buffs cars outside. What a joke!

So at this point I'm waiting on this week to end so I can hopefully end this nightmare.


  • Ha
    Happy with Koons Jul 09, 2013

    My experience has been much different! I find the staff curteous, friendly and knowledgeable. The management delightful! My vehicle was in perfect working order and very clean! I would highly recommend Koons Auto. to all of my friends and family!

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  • Pa
    Part Owner Mar 26, 2014

    Koons Auto. does not represent themselves as selling new cars. They do inspect each and every vehicle prior to sale. In some cases, the vehicle cannot be repaired in time for delivery so we issue a "we owe" and do follow through on our promise to repair the vehicle. Customer Satisfaction is key to us and of top concern! In 2 years and 1600+ cars later there has been less than a 1% complaint ratio. Even with this Koons strives to please the 1%.

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  • Ll
    LLO1324 Jun 26, 2014

    I agree with the first complaint I was in need of a car really bad, and this was the worst experience ever!! I spent pretty much my whole Saturday at the dealer. From the first encounter with the Finance guy who I had set up an appointment with, and was not available. Then I had to leave to get something to eat and then they call me to come back. And when i do get back he sits down with me for maybe 10 minutes, in a rush because he has to go. Then just passes me off to a sales rep., Who seemed very much flustered and in a hurry and lost with what he was doing. I get showed some cars and choose one. Then get told that i didnt qualif for that one so they give me one option.. and my sales rep is rushing to get out because it was someone birthday he had to get too. So i sign everything after being there till the store pretty much closed, and come back Monday and when i do i go over the We owe to get the scratches and other issues fixed, and when I do try to set that up it is just back and forth between when the guy can be there and what he can and cant fix, and then i have issues with the axel that needed to be fixed but the mechanic was only ther certain days and they didn't hear anything so I had the guy get in the car with me so i could point it out. Then he believed me and after leaving it with them pretty much the whole week and going and the issue not being fixed, then the guy not leaving my key. And being stuck with 3 different loaners I am fet up and complain they try to convince me that the issues aren't too important. Which is ridiculous. NEVER RECOMMENDING TO ANYONE!!! WORST DEALER NO COMMUNICATION, NO ONE IN CHARGE TO LEAD THE EMPLOYEES!

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  • He
    HeatherHogasn Aug 12, 2015

    Koons are crooks!!! and mr. Lynwood grant is the biggest liar and crook of them all. He sold me a vehicle with frame damage and didnt tell me and i went and got it inspected by another place who ran the same report and koons removed the fram damage from their report. I asked to trade in vehicle and mr. Grant who is uneducated and a thug says that he would not do anything to satisfy the deal. I am going to pursue this and initiate a class action suit as well. There are many people after research that had this experience and it is greater than 1%. Mr. Grant says that he has more stake in the business than mr. Koon which is weird because his name is on the building, i tried to reach him for remedy and someone picked up the phone and hung up. The bbb bureau did say that there are many complaints and they are investigating and i now will call the trade commission. I will not rest until i am satisfied. Mr. Grant and mr. Koon are crooks and will be exposed.

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  • Re
    Renee Carter May 23, 2016
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    Verified customer

    OMG! I had the same experience. They are fast talkers and no communication. I too purchased a car and had to schedule to have the scratches removed. Only to come back to pick up my car that was shown to me at DUSK so of course I could tell if the work was completed at my satisfaction, which by the way wasn't. Also, it has been over 45 days and I too did not get a manual and I'm still waiting on this. Now back to the scratches, well I was told on a Friday (afternoon) to bring my car back in on Monday at lunch time, since I live in Maryland and work in Tyson. I was also told I would receive a loaner car, because the painter would not be on site until Tuesday. I arrive at the dealership and my salesman looks me in the face and asks "what are you doing here" are you serious, we scheduled for me to come at lunch time. He then proceeds to tell me oh it coming back to me we don't have any loaners, WHAT! Yeah they (who in the hell is they) told me that we don't give out loaners for work that you can wait for REALLY. Then why didn't you call me Friday night, Saturday, Sunday or Monday morning to inform me? His response was I don't work on Sundays. Then he proceeded to ask me if I could come back Tuesday. Hell no, this is most unprofessional business I have every seen. Everybody lies and no one is held accountable. I asked to speak to the owner and was told he wasn't there. So who make decisions obviously no one! I will never EVER purchase another car from this dealership nor will I recommend this dealership. I have flood my facebook page telling all my friends, family and followers no to do business with this dealership.

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  • Se
    SeekerGroup Oct 25, 2017

    my friend is a veterans age 71 he has Buick car, we go to his near location of koons zipcode 22043 va according to him that only can repair his car, this is not the first time they charge this way, he what happen is we go to koons because his wiper cant stop then the assistant manager and he also manager at night shift say he need to change the wiper then he buy for about $30 then again while raining the wiper stop we he cant see clearly, then we back again, the assistant manager say he need to change wiper motor, but the car is old and need to order other state my friend say how long I wait he say he don't know after a days, he received a call the motor wiper is there already, then my friend veterans say how much the assistant manager say he don't know yet, then they make him wait 5 hours to fixed it without saying how much, after 5 hours waiting that assistant manager change him $ 1, 200 he surprised but he has no choice to pay it because his car 13 years old that only koons can fixed that that koons near in his area, i say to my friend they fixed old car and this is old town, they don't have your motor wiper, and its not first time they fixed Buick car, why they cant tell how long and how much, my question is if motor wiper to fixed is $1, 200 how much if wiring and gas range,

    then again my friend car need to fixed for inspection again my friend say how much he say it range $30 up to something forgot the exact amount, so I say to my friend ask him this is not first time he did this, then he say yes...then he let us wait for $30 fee, I think that branch taken advantages to elderly customer, I say to my friend complain, them he say yes I should say something too he say we go there wiper is working that maybe switch only .but he say also that only can fixed in may car too, if ever where I fixed my car if I question them, maybe next time I need to ask .

    have patient to my English grammar but I keep ask my friend complain it he say it around May too late to complain, I say even though you have receipts and email too they got the part there order to other state,
    so please investigate this branch assistant manager maybe not only my friend elderly he did this. in my opinion he did the wrong thing to my friend even iam not know to drive. The thing they wait him 5 hours and surprise him to fee of $1, 200 to the fact he ask how much from the start they cant tell


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