Kobelco Compressors Malaysia Sdn Bhdtemptations outlet closure without notice and troublesome redemption of enrich voucher


Dear MAB,

Being frequent flyer with MAS and been accumulated with the Enrich Miles seems to have no practical benefits to me as a customer.

1. Lack of promotional activity that encourage the use of Enrich point to make flight redemption.

2. When we trade the points in exchange with the Enrich Voucher, the voucher's validity is only 6 months. It was such a hassle to customer with the recent closure of Temptations Outlet, the only way to use the voucher is through the inflight sales in few limited flight routes.

3. With some of my vouchers to expire soon with no way else I can make the redemption, I urge MAB to consider extend the voucher's validity to at least 1 year, and providing more easier ways for your customers to make the redemption.

The scheme is to make meaningful use as kind of reward to your frequent flyer customers, not to punish them with all these inconveniences.

Please revert with your reply.

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