Knights inn Virginia Beach VA.motel - unhealthy conditions

S Aug 16, 2018


I am currently staying at the knights inn on VA Beach room 211. Unfortunately I booked the motel on from my home in Ma. It appeared to be a decent affordable place (online anyway). Once we arrived on the 11th, we immediately noticed the room and entire location was run down. The sheets on one of the beds had blood, hair, and dirt. we asked for clean sheets, they rolled their eyes said "ok" and never returned. We asked for a refund so we could stay some where else, they refused. knowing we had a week of vacation we were looking forward too. We then went to a local store and purchased our own bedding and cleaning supplies. We ended up cleaning the room from almost top to bottom. This room has not been cleaned in a long long time. A neighbor reported bugs in her room. Two days later we realized house keeping never came, We went down to ask for at least some fresh towels and they said they don't replace towels. We had to go to the laundry mat and wash their towels. I had to steal the broom to sweep the floor and steel toilet paper. We are obviously stuck here in this motel till Saturday and unfortunately unable to dish out more money to go somewhere else. There is visible mold growing on the wall around the A/C unit. We are showering with shoes on and barely sleeping at night. I have two younger children with me, one with serious allergies. I am wondering if this motel has been inspected?
Do you happen to know who I would contact in regards to re-cooping at least some of my money back and bringing this unhealthy facility to someone's attention in attempt to help some other poor unexpecting family from booking this place. I will be contacting the board of health. OSHA and anyone else.

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