Klinikadental and medical clinic, barking - stay away from the rude creepers that work there!

K Jul 19, 2019

We went to this hellhole where we tried to book a dental appointment for my friend. Not only she gave us 2 options which we said are unsuitable for them due to their worktime, but she was also incredibly rude! Not only she did not offer alternative options, but her tone was rude and her body language was expressing annoyance. Her communication skills were questionable as she would barely talk. Anyways, we left and made a call to this clinic. A very nice guy answered and gave us alternative dates and time for the appointment that was convenient for us. We made an appointment, however I decided to put a complaint on my review about the receptionist's rude attitude on google maps. The staff's genius solution to this problem was to take a jab at my friend for me writing a honest review while they were getting their treatment. Apparently there had been numerous complaints about the reception being rude and the staff kept calling and terrorizing my friend for reviews they had in fact NOT written. I'm sorry, but who the hell do they think they are to terrorize someone for others' reviews?! It's downright creepy and probably even illegal. If they can't solve a simple problem like this one, how are we supposed to trust our health on them?!

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