Kirit Madhiwalain flight service


Me and My wife were traveling from Delhi to Chicago on 1St Feb 2017.
We have economy tickets and we have transfer to business class and we paid $1800.00 to travel from Delhi to Chicago.
When we board to plain we feel good but when we got our seat it was not comfortable, do nor recline so we could not get a sleep.
TV and remote both do not work. Bathroom has sign out of order.
We complain to the crew and they response that nothing we can do.
We wrote a complain on complain paper and hand it over to the crew.
Now we are asking to Air India that what kind of your business class which do not provide a descent service to the passenger.
Therefore we are asking the refund of $1800.00 or 2 round ticket to India
while we came to Chicago the next day we wrote a complain to Air India and as of to day we did not get any response from Air India.
Kirit Madhiwala Ticket # 0987860895958c4 seat #12H
Ranjan Madhiwala Ticket # 0987860895959c4 seat #12K
please response as soon as possible.
Thank you,
Kirit madhiwala

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