Kiribati Teacher's College (Ministry of Education)in-service scholarship studies outside the country


I was a former primary school teacher and currently working as an Island Education Coordinator (IEC) for the Ministry of Education. I was graduated from the Kiribati Teacher's College in 1998 with a teaching certificate in primary level.
I did not have a chance to further my studies abroad on my majors as a teacher to obtain a degree or higher qualifications. This mainly due to the fact that the teacher training institution (Kiribati Teachers College) lost all of my transcripts. In this case, I was refused by the University of the South Pacific (USP) to do cross credit, since the college provided only a pass grades with no specific grades shown. In this case, I was refused for a scholarship and was informed to take courses that I had previously passed while at the teacher college for the duration of three years. For your information, most of the our colleagues whom they have their transcripts available were awarded an in-service scholarship to obtain their degree qualification at USP (University of the South Pacific), while we on the other side were refused because of the errors of the administrators at the Kiribati Teachers College.
Until present, I was looking forward for a chance to go and further my studies on Management and Leadership skill since I was working for the Ministry of Education as an Island Education Coordinator on a rural area of about three thousand people.
My major goal in future is to obtain higher qualification so that I can return with the skill and capacity to help my people especially live and adapt with the effects of climate change which greatly impacting low islands, like Kiribati.
In preparation for this, I had undertaken my extra studies to prepare for such opportunity. I had paid and passed a summer course in UU114 from the University of South Pacific here on campus in my country. This course was basically about 'English for Academic Purposes' one of the criteria for inservice scholarship and obtained a B grade.
Therefore, I am requesting your generous assistance in providing financial assistance in a three year study program which covers all expenses at any recognised institutions.

Your consideration in this matter is very much appreciated and looking forward to hearing from you in your convenient time.

For more information, please feel free to contact:
Mr. Birate Taati
Island Education Coordinator,
Abaiang island,
Ministry of Education,
Republic of Kiribati.
Email address: [protected]
contact number: +[protected]

I will be happy to provide needed documents in future if required from your end.

Thank you.

Kiribati Teacher's College (Ministry of Education)

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