kinro windowsPoor window seals


We bought a manufactured house in 2001 from Buyers Choice Homes in Ionia, Mi. They had Kinro windows installed. In the first 8 yrs. we owned the house we had 12 windows (bad glass seals) replaced by Kinro that we ourselves had to install!! This year we noticed that we had 14 more windows that are fogging up (bad glass seals), plus the sliding glass door (bad glass seals)!
So we contacted Bill Boyton from Kinro to see if they would replace them. He said since their 5 yr. warranty is up, that we could buy them at cost plus shipping!
We originally paid a lot of money for all these windows! Why should we have to pay to have them replaced already? That's 26 windows plus the sliding glass door all together! That's absurd! The windows are OK, it's just the glass is fogging up from bad seals. Any other window place warrants theirs for 20 yrs. to life!
They tried to blame it on our foundation (which we have a full basement), windows to the south (these are on all sides), and our overhang (12" normal overhang)! We think they should either pay us $2000 or replace our glass & sliding door!

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