Kid's Stuff-Multi Vitamins and MineralsChomped down on a piece of metal!


I don't think this is the best company to deal with, even though they say they are a "Christian-based business"!
I believe it happened summer of last year. Me, my late father and my mother were in this home-based business and were buying products and one of those products just so happened to be Kid's Stuff-Multi Vitamins and Minerals. Well, one evening, I was chewing on one of the tablets and chomped down on a tiny piece of metal that was embedded in the tablet (just imagine if I SWALLOWED the ^%& thing!)
and it has since affected one of my bottom back molars and upper back molars (They have been chipping off into nothingness thus far). We all had even sent an email only to get a self-righteous response telling us that there are no pieces of metal from their machines...!
I advise y'all to stay away from this company, because somewhere, somehow, there is some corruption SOMEWHERE in this company.
P.S: By the way, the kid's vitamins basically taste like %$^#!
Bo Peep


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    wkfrmhome Mar 02, 2010

    I am a member of Scriptures and find them to be an outstanding company and home business. I find their products to be of high quality. If you are looking for a solid and proven home business I suggest you take a look at Scriptures.

    Best Regarda,

    Ray S.

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  • Er
    Ernie Asselin Oct 19, 2012

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    Ernie Asselin Oct 19, 2012

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    Ernie Asselin Jan 08, 2014

    What piece of metal??? Scriptures vitamins & health products contain absolutely NO metal whatsoever. Perhaps the person complaining experienced a filling or a tooth cap coming loose & breaking off or partially breaking off in their mouth. I have personally experienced this for myself. Three years ago our family went out to eat lunch at a Mexican restaurant. During the meal I felt something very odd happen. I truly thought I had swallowed something very strange. So, I checked it out in the restroom, & part of my tooth & tooth cap to a molar on the lower left side had just broken off. And this all happened WHILE I WAS EATING MY LUNCH.

    My experience with Scriptures is that they have excellent natural products. The Olympic Gold liquid vitamins always provide instanteous stamina & the peace of mind my body is receiving the nourishment it requires. I also enjoy using Scriptures all natural lotions & body washes - all made in the United States.

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