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L Aug 01, 2018

We have a 2016 kia forte that ww bought new.
It was having a issue with the fuel/turbo.
Took it in to be checked. Got there at 3:30 and was still there at 6:00 when the gave the car back and said they needed more time and had to order the part.
When she got ready to leave she pulled out in the high way and the car would not go where it would before. Putting a woman and her two kids on a vehicle without test driving it is very poor workmanship.
Went back in put her in a used loaner car that was dirty with no gas in it.
They fixed the issue but now its back doing the same thing. Jerking and suting the tail pipes up in a few days and the radio has a spot that seems to be cloudy. Not at happy with this car been a head ache from the get go. Something needs to be done.
Adam leopard

Kia Of Anderson
Kia Of Anderson

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