KFCsize of food, cold food & missing ingredients

Review updated:

I hadn't been to KFC in thirty years or more. I ordered a three-piece chicken tender meal, cole slaw and potato wedges, with two BBQ sauce. I received three small, overcooked tenders, cold potato wedges that spilled out of the holder, one BBQ sauce and no napkins or plastiware.

I emailed to complain and was told the tenders used to be small but now they are bigger. No apology, no credit, just felt like an email shrug.

I'd heard of mistakes there, vermin and dirt, and surly help, but now can confirm it's true, at least for the mistakes being made.

I don't eat out often but was offered KFC so agreed. Weeks earlier my mom had gotten food there and she complained for weeks about it. I figured it was a bad day there but now I know never to get food from the KFC on County Street in New Bedford, Mass again. Fortunately I'm moving in less than three days to another town and, in time, will try KFC there.


  • Ra
    Rachel2610 Jul 23, 2019

    Hm, seems you make complaints on your food you paid for, as well. Maybe you should have checked your food before you left the establishment.

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  • SubSquirrel Jul 23, 2019

    @Rachel2610 I would have had I bought it and not been given it after someone picked it up.

    Funny how you are stalking my old posts and responding two years later. You’re obviously fixated on me because I didn’t agree with your post. Sad lonely person

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  • Te
    Tech27 Oct 08, 2019

    @Rachel2610 Sounds like things happen. Oh well. Get over it

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  • SubSquirrel Oct 08, 2019

    @Tech27 I haven’t been to KFC or had it since then. I’d forgotten about the food and the stalker!

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  • Te
    Tech27 Nov 08, 2019

    @SubSquirrel Go eat more fast food you ugly dumb fat loser 😂🤣
    My issue was resolved so go get an education
    You stalk my profile how many times and we’re reported

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