KFCmortgage fraud

C Nov 17, 2018 Review updated:

My father died dec. 2008 & mother died in june 17, 2011 & i am their daughter who took care of both of them! Paid all their bill & they never stated they had a mortgage on the house. Their lawyer put the house in my name Janice Haskins, & stated when my father died everything was paid in full. After my mom's death in 2014 ocwen started claiming they were the owners of the property. My husband & i had to go back & forth to court & deal with massive phone calls, sending in death certificate, EXECUTIVE of ESTATE papers, deeds, s.s. cards, driver licences, pay stubs to verify who we were, insurance verification & any other paperwork that was asked of us & these people are claiming we never sent anything in... they even accused us of insurance fraud by keeping checks from them & we had to get lawyer fasion from surry COUNTY involved. They offered us $3000.00 to move so they can have they house. They even threatened FORECLOSURE multiple times but they never did & finally a judge told them in aug. 22, 2018 that we had 30 days to vacate the property after we were there for 9 years, because ocwen had the right to take our house without cause... they all were UNETHICAL as they mislead us, MISREPRESENTED by showing us no fairness leaving us homeless in BANKRUPTCY & not able to find shelter anywhere..we believe we were SCAMMED as they stole our DECEASED PARENTS home not caring about the struggles of life . We also believe that ocwen along with our lawyer who conned us out of our home need to be stop, & put in jail... reported to the FBI; BBB & all the tv & radio shows, because they are doing a lot of other family in such a way...this is only the beginning they have been reported to the CPFH.& THE BAR ASSOCIATION


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