Keystone BBQemployees

C Jul 22, 2019

I walked up and aske for sausage and peppers the cashier replied "we don't have that" she said it like it was not on the menu and I was stupid for asking. So I then asked what they did have and she nastily responded "we have everything else". So I then ordered a cheese steak sandwich, a pulled chicken sandwich without Cole slaw or onions but with pickles. I then told "we dont have them either. Again very snippy. I then ordered a side of tater tots. When the order was complete. I asked if the tater tots were in the bag. I got a nod from the person wh ok handed me the bag. I went to the table. There was no tater tots. I went to tell them they were not in there but The person who got the pulled pork informed me they were on his sandwich. I left is so not to fight since they all seemed to have an attitude. Customer service is important. I've worked retail and currently work as an RN. I would not be complaining if it was even minimal decent customer service but it was not even that. I will not go there again. I suggest you mention an attitude adjustment to your employees. The food was decent so it's a shame such a negative experience. And please tell your employees were sorry if us ordering was an inconvenience for them.

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