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The scumbag that owns and operates this site is Kevin B Angileri who lives in Arizona, he's a convicted felon and is currently on federal parole until October 2019. He steals all of these posts from other cheater sites and then posts the same identical post on about 5 or 6 of his 25+ websites. Then he charges you thousands for removal. He has stolen over 20, 000 posts and distributed them among all of his sites.

Do contact your lawyer and explain that this bottom feeding POS has ZERO DMCA legal protection because he's the one posting the stolen content. Sue the [censored] out of this guy and get the judge to shut all of his websites shut down.

Don't pay this fat pig or his phony reputation company one penny!

This pig was also arrested in 2012 for 10 counts of federal wire fraud and conspiracy. He plead down to conspiracy and did a year in prison. He's on parole until 10-2019. I also heard this guy was into child porn so he might be a pedophile too.

Kevin B. Angileri
Kevin B. Angileri
Kevin B. Angileri
Kevin B. Angileri

Mar 12, 2019
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  • Su
      12th of Mar, 2019

    DMCA can only be filed by the copyright holder. They can send a letter about infringement and ask the host to shut them down in reasonable time. I’m not understanding what he is posting that costs money to remove. If it’s personal information, then the website is responsible for the content. They have to contact their customer and demand removal and then terminate the website if not deleted. If served with a DMCA notice, they need to comply. It’s a Federal law but rarely prosecuted. Only a few cases have included it and those were adult sites. I’ve been in the industry for nearly twenty active years and eleven inactive years. I was involved in getting the law declared invalid though we failed. It’s still too broadly worded.

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