Kevin Alessandri Patient, LaVerne Alessandri - BankerI have been totally ignored and forgotten and was never recieved my dentures, which the whole treatment cost was paid off

K Aug 16, 2018

not going in details I've done this 4 tim, es already. I had all teeth pulled,
** bits teeth left in Gums
*had 3 surgeries to take the broken teeth from gums
** year later 2 years later still have bits in gums
the last surgery to remove broken teeth from gums the surgen shoved my temp dentures in my mouth and yelled at his nurse helper to leave them in, damn it.. She said they are too larege keep falling out they wont stay in, he said to for me to hold them in with the gauze, WTF.. 2years later I had never ever worn the temp dentures too large and was told by secretary they willl contact me for andother surgery for to remove teeth bits for 4th time. I contacted 3 times and each time they said they will contact me. the only call I ever got was an update to come in and have my teeth whitened., They completely forgot about me. Ive been waiting to see how long oit will take for them to make an appointment for surgery and for to have my temp dentures to fit properly. I never recieved my dentures. I want a refun of the dentures, I will pay for the teeth to be pulled only. Ive been turned down for refund by the committee and they never returned my calls or emails. whatever! western Dental has to give me a refund for all funds have been paid, This is the Folsom Ca., office. Terrible place!
[protected] tHANK YOU! REFUND PLEASE .. CONTACT LaVerne Alessandri she paid the whole bill before they started my mouth.

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